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For such a long time the #1 Youtuber was PewDiePie, so let’s find out more about him and what is the PewDiePie Gaming Chair that he uses. We will also discuss the PewDiePie Gaming Chair prices which vary.

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pewdiepie chair
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Whether you are a gamer or not, his videos have been watched by almost everyone around the globe. His good nature, impeccable humor, and of course, impressive gaming skills have garnered him nearly 110 million subscribers on YouTube!

The famous YouTuber’s real name is Felix Arvid Ulf Kjellberg, and he is from Sweden. Born in the year 1989, the 31-year-old first made his appearance on Youtube in 2010. He quickly gained followers because of his Let’s Play videos, and then he started making comedic videos and shows.

Almost all of his videos are from his studio, where he is sitting on a very comfortable PewDiePie gaming chair with a headphone set. If you have been wondering about the PewDiePie Chair and if you should buy it or not, then this article is for you.

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PewDiePie’s Exclusive Clutch Chairz Series

Currently, the Swedish YouTuber is using an exclusive Clutch Chairz Throttle Series, which is from his own Edition. The PewDiePie Chair Edition contains three gaming chairs and a desk. While all three chairs have the same structure and color scheme; red and black, each has a few minor changes. The Pewdiepie chair price ranges from $350-$500 approx.

●      PewDiePie Chair Edition Throttle Series

This PewDiePie Gaming Chair series is made from high-quality foam, which gives you the perfect balance between comfort and firmness. The exterior of the chair is made from Dura-Soft leather, which is pretty easy to use as well as maintain.

Another great feature about this chair is that it has a lumbar cushion so that even if you are stuck in front of the screen for hours, you have the perfect neck support. It helps to provide perfect alignment to your spine. Moreover, you can also move the chair to almost 180 degrees flat mode! This is a gaming chair you can sleep in!

While the chair is excellent and totally worth spending money on, it is a limited-edition material. So, if you want to get your hands on it, move quickly and go over to their site to buy it!

●       PewDiePie Chair LED Edition Throttle Series

If you are looking for something edgy for your studio, then you should definitely invest in this edition of Pewd’s gaming chair. Made from high-density foam, the gaming chair is comfortable, classy, and would look absolutely amazing wherever you put it.

However, apart from the noticeable string of LED on the outline of the chair, the chair is similar in structure and features to the original gaming chair.

●      PewDiePie Chair LED 100M Edition

The third and final chair in this series has a small inscription of ‘100 M’ on the head of the chair. The inscription is gold in color, and it is very precisely and delicately stitched on the top. This edition of the chair was made specifically to celebrate PewDiePie hitting 100 million subscribers on YouTube.  Like the above chair, this one also has the same structure and features as the original one, but with the addition of LED and the ‘100 M’ engraving.

●      PewDiePie Chair Rise Series Electric Sit-Stand Desk

Last but not least, PewDiePie’s collection includes a height-adjustable table that is perfect for people who are buying chairs from these series. 

The table has built-in wireless charging; the best thing is that it allows a fast charge, so you can easily charge your phone while sitting here. Furthermore, the ergo edge design ensures that you are getting the ideal forearm and wrist comfort.

We also liked that it has four position memory presents which allow you to change the height of the table whenever you want. This way, you won’t feel cramped up whenever you get up from the chair after spending hours sitting on it. However, the best thing about the table is that it has a full mousepad desk topper!

Where to Buy Gaming Chair Near Me?

You can find the chairs either on the official Clutch Chairz website as well as on Amazon. These two are the best places to find and purchase a seat. Make sure that when you are buying from Amazon, the seller is legit. There are many fakes available online. Besides the PewDiePie Chair price, you can also check out his electric rising table which looks pretty cool too!

What Gaming Chair Should I Get?

If you are thinking of buying this particular chair, then definitely go for it. The gaming chair leans forward as well as backward so that you would have plenty of mobility. Furthermore, the lumbar pillow gives your neck and spine the perfect support.

You can get anyone you like; the only difference between the three is the LED lights and the ‘100M’ exclusive inscription. Nevertheless, make sure to keep your budget in mind while you go shopping. While these are brilliant and worth purchasing, they are expensive.

If the PewDiePie Gaming Chair is not for you, then what about the DanTDM Gaming chair?

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