Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive

If you’ve ever looked into buying an office chair and have say looked up some options online – you’ll find that it’s possible to buy one for about $50. There are also ones for between a hundred to a thousand. And there are ones for over a thousand dollars. You may think to yourself be they all just things we put our butts on? What’s with the big price range? And what kind of crazy person would spend over a thousand dollars on a chair?

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive

The first chair I ever bought for myself was a chair from I think Walmart for like $39.99. After about 18 months of use, an arm had broken off, the adjustable seat had gotten stuck, the vinyl had ripped in a bunch of places and the seat cushion was as flat as pancake. In fact, this chair wasn’t even frequently used. I maybe sat in it for about 1-2 hours a day on average.

A good, durable office chair should last about 5 – 10 years while being used continuously for an average of a 40 hour work week. A cheap chair may cost you less initially, but if you had to replace it every year or two It may end up costing you more in the end. And that’s not even mentioning that cheaper chairs are often very uncomfortable and not ergonomically designed. This is not to say that every single person needs to spend a thousand dollars on a chair.

For light residential use, you could probably find a good quality chair for that purpose for a few hundred dollars. But if you’re looking to buy a chair for business use, or you work from home and you do spend about 40 hours a week sitting it in – you probably want to look into spending a little bit more to get a good quality chair for the long term.

Quality and Durability

Designing a quality commercial office or gaming chair often takes years and cost a lot of money to implement. It involves a lot of research and development, testing of materials, concepts iterations, and involves the work and input of many scientists, engineers, designers, technologists and even healthcare professionals. For instance the Steelcase leap chair took four years to develop, cost 35 million dollars, and involved 11 academic studies. But why do furniture manufacturers bother with doing all of those things? Well one, because it takes a lot of work to develop something that’s strong and durable.

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive

Most commercial manufactures will put their chair designs through vigorous testing methods for function and durability. An example of this is the ISO 21015 test for office work chairs. This test would determine the stability, strength and durability of a chair by applying various standardized simulations of functional use as well as expected misuse. Number two; most high quality chairs are extensively ergonomically designed, since most of us expect to sit in them for up to 40 hours a week. Sitting for a long period of time in an uncomfortable seat, a poorly supported cushion, or a strained position – could lead to severe health conditions.

Comfort and Adjustability

A chair should not only be comfortable, but also adjustable. So most professional office chairs are designed with mechanisms that allow a user to easily adjust seat height, back angles, seat depth, chair tilt, arm location, chair width, tension, and sometimes even the locations of lumbar support – allowing the chair to adapt to your body type, work conditions and personal preference.

Many commercial office chairs are also customizable. At a residential furniture store you generally have a limited choice of design and fabric options, because manufactures can keep costs low by manufacturing a few standardized products in mass quantity. But commercial customers usually require a wider selection of options, so commercial suppliers generally have a higher per-item cost. A commercial chair supplier usually allows you to choose from a greater selection of designs, finishes, and fabric options. You can even bring in your own fabric, or have the option of printing a custom graphic or pattern onto the fabric.

Many commercial businesses want to be able to reflect their brand colour or image in the design of their offices, especially if it’s for a customer facing environment. But if you’re just a person who’s looking for a simple functional chair for your home office – you most likely don’t need all of that. But the option is there if you have a very specific design in mind. Ultimately – a great chair, like all great designs, seamlessly ties together elegant form, innovative technology and functional excellence.


“A chair is material, labor and transport, explains Dominique Choay. Today, all the prices of raw materials (steel, wood) are increasing. Transport also represents an important expense because a chair, however light it is, is volume. The assembly of parts, depending on whether it is mechanical or manual, also varies the price. The more rooms, the more expensive the chair. And as long as the pieces are made by hand, we can reach new heights.

Everything then depends on the quality of the material and finishes. So when we talk about patented steel, it is the material itself which is satin-finished. A very expensive technique but which ensures a subtle effect. Not to be confused with the process of coating the steel with epoxy paint layers.

Herman Miller Aeron Chair

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The Aeron chair, a Herman Miller product that was designed by Bill Stumpf and Don Chadwick In 1994 – is actually a part of the collection in the Museum of Modern Art. An interesting and innovative part of their design is that its seat as well as back is actually not built out of traditional upholstery. It’s made out of an intricate network of polyester mesh that’s stretched over an aluminum frame. This make it light and flexible yet durable, resilient, stain proof, splash proof and its open mesh helps to keep your butt airy and cool.

So if you’re looking to buy a chair – whether you’re looking for a classic work of art that’s worth of a museum, or you’re just looking for a simple functional chair hopefully this gives you a little bit of an idea into what to consider and what to look for. Often I like to talk about how “everything in this world is designed” – from the concrete curbs on the side the road, to toilet partitions in a public bathroom, to the plastic trims on the edges of a chair.

The risks of not using a gaming chair

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive? You cannot realize how essential it is. Indeed, it is difficult to understand something that we have never experienced ourselves. It’s the same with the armchairs for gamers. You probably think that your old wooden chair is enough to sit for hours in front of your PC. If you think like this then you are making a big mistake.

Indeed each object has its own use. Deviating from this use endangers the user and deteriorates the object in question. The problem is that your current chair is not made for a human to sit there for hours. It is normal; these chairs there are made to stay there for a relatively short time the time of a meal for example.

So you see where I’m coming from. A gaming chair, or a gaming chair is designed for this kind of use. Thus it greatly reduces risk while increasing your comfort . Finally they have a lifespan which is much more important than that of your current chair.

What are the advantages of a gaming chair?

As I told you, the gaming chairs are designed for gaming. Concretely, gaming chairs offer better back support for long games. You can sit there for hours without ever suffering, which is a significant advantage. Almost all models even offer cushions for the lower back, which keeps it in a perfect position.

I invite you to go look at this article on back pain in the office. And you will see that it is necessary to adopt a correct position to avoid this kind of evils. On most seats you will also find adjustable armrests so that your arms are kept at the perfect height for typing on the keyboard or for using the mouse.

In fact, the main advantage of a gaming chair over traditional office chairs is that it allows you to easily adopt a position that is not only comfortable, but also good for your health.

How much does it cost?

It all depends on the quality and the number of features you want to have. We can very well find a gaming chair between 90 to 150 Dollar, but in general I prefer to avoid them .

In my opinion the minimum to invest is 150 or even 200 Dollar. From there, you find products that start to be of good quality without costing you an arm or a kidney. On the market, there are mainly four brands that have managed to build a reputation: AKRacing , Arozzi , Vertagear and DXRacer . In general, these brands there offer high-end products with prices that rarely drop below 200 euros.

There are of course other manufacturers of gaming chairs. I made a buying guide on which you will find the main brands in the field.

Details to consider before buying

Why Are Gaming Chairs So Expensive. As we said, chairs are not nonsense that we can take lightly. Those who work in offices or long hours in front of the screen, such as without going any further in our own case, need to always bear in mind that it is not recommended at all to remain seated in any way .

The back, neck or arms can end up suffering and causing injuries that can end up being serious in the long run. And it is precisely that staying too many hours sitting without moving is what ends up causing us at some point to be unconcerned about the position we have adopted.

It is recommended to always be placed with your back and neck as straight as possible, although it is also a good idea to get up or take walks at some point, even if it is only to stretch your legs. On the other hand, it would also be convenient to keep in mind that a good chair must be made of good materials and very resistant for the same reason that we have already indicated. If we are going to spend enough hours a day in it, it is better that they are materials adapted for these cases and do not break or wear out in a short time.

In this sense, these details apply to the backrest, the armrests or the wheels themselves, which will end up supporting our weight. In addition, there are also chairs with additional accessories that go beyond what we can find in most, such as tables where you can support anything, although of course these extras are what end up raising the final price more than normal.

Even so, not all chairs will be equally comfortable for everyone, since not all of us have the same body, the same height, the same weight, the same tastes, etc. In any case, we offer you below some of the best gaming chairs that you can find in the event that you are considering changing yours soon or you are looking for a decent one.

Where to buy these products?

There is something for every budget, and you will certainly find what you are looking for here. The products are sold on Amazon which allows for fast delivery, and a guarantee of security in case of problems.

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