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In this article we discuss about what gaming chairs do pros use? When you spend a lot of time at your computer, choosing a comfortable chair is very important. This guide will offer you a selection of the best chairs for gamers. Whether at work or at home, we are more and more often required to use a computer, both in the professional context for studies and for leisure. Only, the sitting position is not natural for the human being, and bad for health.

Whether it is for you, if you spend a lot of time on the computer, or for your children, it is important to equip yourself with an adapted ergonomic chair, which reduces back and joint pain, and offers a more pleasant daily life. For frequent video game players, it is even essential.

Of course, not everyone needs the same type of chair. The right choice depends on the physiognomies, the personalities and the objectives pursued. The manufacturers are naturally aware of this: the offer is thus constantly evolving and the references are particularly numerous.

We are sure that like me, you like to get the best possible equipment for playing video games. And among this material, there is one essential: the gamers office chair! There are many models on the market, and to help you, I decided to give you some parameters to take into account before a purchase, as well as the affordable gaming chairs that we consider to be the best on the market. That is why it is what gaming chairs do pros use.

Things to know about gaming chairs

It is certain that there are fewer criteria to take into account when buying a gaming desk chair than when buying a new console or PC. However, there are still criteria to take into account when choosing a affordable gaming chairs, and in particular:

  • Your height,
  • Your weight,
  • The number of hours spent on the chair in front of the computer,
  • The comfort of the chair, although it cannot really be assessed when shopping online.

Ficmax Ergonomic Gaming Chair

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The best value for money

The Ficmax is a chair that is suitable for play as well as for working or resting. It is versatile, and also proves to be rather accessible since it is most often offered for a price of around $ 200 to $ 210 online. It can suit a large majority of buyers. You can adjust the height of this chair: the seat can be raised from 47.75 to 55.88 cm, or 18.8 to 22 in, the maximum height then varying from 1.27 to 1.35 m or 50 to 53.1 in. The dimensions of the seat are 41.91 * 57.91 cm, or 16.5 * 22.8 in, and the maximum supported weight of 136 kg, i.e. 300 lb.

A massage option is provided,  and this is main feature what gaming chairs do pros use. Thanks to an adjustable USB support. You can use it for the back and thighs, which allows you to relax after an extended work session or a particularly intense play session. The backrest is tilt able from 90 ° to 180 °, with four levels in all. You can therefore benefit from an adequate configuration as well to concentrate and be effective as to relax or read, or even take a nap if you wish.

The chair is comfortable: it is 12.19 cm or 4.5 in thick and you can adjust the armrests and the headrest cushion as desired. It is also very mobile, the wheels offering a 360 ° rotation. It adapts perfectly well to different user and usage profiles. The assembly does not present any particular difficulty. The coating is polyurethane, which allows good resistance to stains, water and dust if you are cautious and you clean the product regularly. The warranty offered is one year on the components.

As for the aesthetics, it does not really stand out. It should be recognized that in an office, the chair can lack elegance, certain colors being more or less successful. However, there are still nine different variations, which usually allows you to find a design to your liking.

Ficmax specifications summary

  • The most adaptable.
  • Headrest, adjustable armrests, reclining backrest.
  • USB massage support.
  • Supported weight: 136 kg / 300 lb.
  • Seat height: 47.75 to 55.88 cm /18.8 to 22 in.
  • Chair height: 1.27 to 1.35 m / 50 to 53.1 in.
  • Seat: 41.91 * 57.91 cm / 16.5 * 22.8 in.
  • Massage via USB support
  • Very adjustable
  • Variable Design Quality

Our verdict on the Ficmax

The Ficmax is a chair offering excellent value for money, and suitable for almost all purposes. His main problem remains a style that may lack sobriety, and seem inappropriate in some offices. So what gaming chairs do pros use at home? The answer is Ficmax chair. Tt offers optimal comfort for a reasonable price: do not hesitate.

What Gaming Chairs Do Pros Use? GTRACING Gaming Chair

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The economical choice for the youngest

Rather small, the GTRacing is perfect if you want to give a gift to a teenager who has a regular, but moderate use of his chair, whether to relax on the computer or to work. It is necessary to accept a few concessions, but it is pretty and often sold for just under $200. Let’s first mention the dimensions of the product, which are quite specific: the seat measures 40.64 * 50.29 cm, 16 * 19.8 in, which places it well below average. The chair therefore targets small sizes, even if it supports 136 kg or 300 lb. The height is adjustable, and it can go from 1.2 to 1.32 m, or 47.5 to 52 in.

What gaming chairs do pros use? another specificity, it has only three levels of tilt for the backrest, 90 °, 130 ° and 170 °. Today, it is easy to find products offering four levels of tilt up to 180 ° at a similar price. This could have had an interesting counterpart on sustainability, but it is not the case here. The chair has a questionable lifespan, since if it is not well maintained, you may experience problems after a few months. The chair is not so much a concern, with its classic and efficient PU leather covering, as the casters, which really lack solidity and stability. A one-year limited warranty is offered.

However, there are some interesting advantages to this product. First, the aesthetics are successful: it gives a playful effect that will appeal to a teenager while being sober enough so that the decoration of your child’s office or bedroom is not too affected.

Then, comfort is there. The armrests tend to move a little, but without this representing too much discomfort, a lumbar cushion and a removable headrest are also present. On the other hand, there is no footrest: you can get a chair by being equipped with an identical budget.

GTRacing specifications summary

  • The ideal gift for children and adolescents.
  • Dimensions adapted to light physiognomies.
  • Maximum supported weight: 136 kg / 300 lb.
  • Chair height: 1.2 to 1.32 m /47.5 to 52 in.
  • Seat: 40.64 * 50.29 cm / 16 * 19.8 in.
  • Limited warranty: 1 year.
  • Very Pretty
  • Very comfortable for teenagers
  • Quality of the casters
  • Medium durability
  • Not suitable for large builds

Our verdict on GTRacing. Is this what gaming chairs do pros use?

If you buy the GTRacing as a gift for a teenager, it is an honest chair, more limited and less solid than some of its competitors but which has the advantage of having a little style and being offered to a generally attractive rate. When it is on promotion, it is a gift that appeals and very affordable.

Morfan Gaming Chair

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The sober and elegant design

If you need an ergonomic chair to equip your desk, but you prefer a design that is discreet and does not have an overly pronounced “video game” effect, the Morfan Gaming Chair is one of the most convincing options, This is most affordable gaming chairs for a price under 200$.

The particularity of this chair is to offer a particularly sober aesthetic, whatever color you choose, which fits perfectly into any room. Depending on the location, it can be decorative or discreet. We recommend it in particular if you buy a chair for an office where you are going to receive, and want it to be forgotten. The backrest can be tilted 90 to 180 °, allowing you to work efficiently as well as relax in moments of stress.

The frame of the chair is made of metal and guaranteed for life. This is what gaming chairs do pros use. While the various parts benefit from a two-year warranty. This is slightly higher than what is generally practiced in competition. The solidity is there, and easy cleaning thanks to the use of polyurethane for the coating. The foam for the padding is shape memory, which increases comfort. On the other hand, the dimensions are not conventional, and intended the product earlier for people with a strong build: the seat measures 41.91 * 57.91 cm or 16.5 * 22.8 in and its height can range from 44.45 to 54.61 cm, or 17.5 to 21.5 in.

There are some design flaws to report. The armrests, in particular, tend to hold poorly on the support and to lower frequently. The lumbar massage cushion and the headrest are not pleasant for all physiognomies. The supported weight is slightly lower than the average: 127 kg, or 280 lb.

Morfan Gaming Chair features summary

  • The best in the workplace.
  • Intended for people with a strong build.
  • Maximum weight supported: 127 kg / 280 lb.
  • Seat height: 44.45 to 54.61 cm /17.5 to 21.5 in
  • Seat: 41.91 * 57.91 cm / 16.5 * 22.8 in.
  • Guarantee: lifetime for the frame, 2 years for the parts.
  • Discreet design
  • Ideal for large builds
  • Decreasing value for money
  • Unstable armrests
  • Not suitable for all physiognomies

Our verdict on the Morfan Gaming Chair. Is this what gaming chairs do pros use?

The Morfan Gaming Chair is not suitable for all faces, and shows less marked stability than other models. But its very sober design makes it an excellent choice if you have a rather imposing stature and you buy it to equip an office. Otherwise, it is better to choose another reference.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair

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The best in maximum supported load

If you are primarily looking for a chair capable of supporting a certain weight, and that this takes precedence for you over the comfort offered, the Nokaxus Gaming Chair is an option to consider. You can acquire it on most trading platforms for a price close to $160 to $190.

First of all, the great advantage of this chair is that it is able to accommodate a maximum weight of 158 kg, i.e. 350 lb. It’s significantly higher than the average in its price range, and therefore allows larger people to feel comfortable. Unfortunately, the size of the seat itself is reduced.

Indeed, it measures 41.91 * 55.98 cm, which is equivalent to 16.5 * 22 in and is not optimal for people with a marked build. As for the seat height, it ranges from 49.02 to 56.9 cm i.e. 19.3 to 22.4 in. The backrest is 91.95 cm high, or 36.2 in, and is therefore comfortable even for tall people. Several colors are available. Pink and blue have the merit of being original, but they often appeal more to children than to parents because of their slightly kitsch side . More classic options, black or black and red, are also available.

The warranty is quite modest and it is something the what gaming chairs do pros use. Since, it is only one year. You have one month to return the chair without having to justify a reason. The durability may disappoint, the polyurethane coating is correct but not more effective than on cheaper products, and some elements break easily, such as the armrests. There are four tilt modes, from 90 to 180 °. We did not notice any problem on this plan, nor on the gas spring: the stability offered is therefore correct, and the rollers can rotate 360 ​​°.

The armrests are adjustable in two directions. The headrest is removable, and you can add cotton to it if you want to enlarge it. A USB massage support is available in the lumbar cushion. The biggest defect of the chair remains its price: the difference with certain competitors is not justified.

Nokaxus Gaming Chair specifications summary

  • The most original colors.
  • Very colorful, pink and blue models.
  • Maximum supported weight: 158/350 lb.
  • Back height: 91.95 cm /36.2 in.
  • Seat height: 49.02 to 56.9 cm /19.3 to 22.4 in
  • Seat: 41.91 * 55.98 cm / 16.5 * 22 in.
  • Limited warranty: 1 year.
  • Maximum supported load
  • Original designs
  • Recessed finish quality
  • Seat dimensions

Our verdict on the Nokaxus Gaming Chair

The Nokaxus Gaming Chair is available in very attractive colors for teenagers, and offers quite honest resistance. However, its curiously reduced proportions, which do not correspond to its high maximum supported weight, and its price generally a little too marked, can cause hesitation.

Our selection criteria for buying an ergonomic computer gaming chairs

After defining your needs and requirements, you need to objectively assess the different chairs. We offer some criteria to which you should pay particular attention.

The price

You can find ergonomic office chairs from around $ 170 or $ 180. Under this barrier, be particularly careful about the quality of the products. Many intermediate models are then available, often around $ 200 to $ 300. The high-end can reach prices up to $ 700.

Dimensions of the seat

You have to be interested in the width and depth of the seat. Here the goal is simple: to know if you are going to feel comfortable. The taller and more imposing you are, the more it will be necessary to aim for a high width. Conversely, if you rather have a small size, favor more tight products, to better take advantage of the armrests.

Height adjustments

All ergonomic chairs can be adjusted in height. Values ​​are expressed in centimeters, meters, or inches. This is most often done with a gas spring, which allows you to raise the seat. You have to pay attention to two different things.

First, the maximum and minimum seat heights, that is, the part where you sit, allow you to assess how far your legs will be from the ground. Look for a product suitable for your size: avoid chairs that would make you curl up or with which you could not put your feet on the ground.

Then the maximum and minimum height of the chair, that is to say the object as a whole, let you know how well your back will be held in the backrest. Today, most chairs are suitable for people of all sizes, thanks to the most often adjustable accessories. It is also the important feature that what gaming chairs do pros use.

The maximum weight supported

Most often, the maximum weight supported by an ergonomic chair is 136 kg or 300 lb. We recommend that you systematically look for a chair bearing a significantly higher weight than yours: this ensures increased resistance and therefore increased durability.

Elements of comfort

Removable head rests and lumbar cushions now equip the vast majority of ergonomic chairs. The latter are sometimes associated with a USB massage support, the presence of which is more or less anecdotal depending on the model. Some slightly more expensive references also have footrests. The comfort is the main thing that what gaming chairs do pros use.

For armrests, you will sometimes find the names “2D, 3D, or 4D armrests”. This corresponds to the number of directions in which adjustment is possible. A 4D armrest is rotatable in addition to being adjustable laterally and in height.

The inclination

The ergonomic chairs can be tilted. The most common configuration is to offer four levels of tilt ranging from 90 to 180 °. Although this is very common, there are still a few entry-level products that only offer three levels of tilt, usually from 90 to 160 or 170 °.

Durability and materials

The upholstery of the ergonomic chairs is almost always made of polyurethane leather So, a material which has the particularity of not staining, being easy to clean and well resistant against water or dust. It is not real leather, but plastic artificial leather. The frame of the chairs is often made of steel.

It is more often the quality of the accessories that can be problematic, or of the gas spring, which can malfunction which will result in a systematic and unpleasant sagging. The casters are also to be watched: if they are of poor quality, they can quickly create a very stressful feeling of instability.

The answer of most of the gamers or group of people that are interested in buying gaming is that what gaming chairs do pros use? And we tried /investigate the best choices of the most of the gamers.


Finally, the last point to consider in your purchase concerns the aesthetics of the chair. Here, there is no specific rule: simply choose a model that you like, or that pleases the person to whom you want to offer it. Privilege however the discretion and the elegance if the chair must come to equip a professional environment. Above article on what gaming chairs do pros use include all five affordable pro gaming chairs.

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