Vertagear triigger gaming chair: review and test

vertagear triigger gaming chair Vertagear gaming chair

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What to know about the vertagear triigger gaming chair brand?

If one day you hear about a vertagear triigger gaming chair, know that this brand offers high-end, ergonomic and high-quality gaming seats, especially used in eSports competitions.

Indeed, this fairly young manufacturer is a formidable competitor of DxRacer and AkRacing then the prices are comparable to those of its competitors. The ergonomics are there and all the armrests are in 4D!
The Vertagear gaming chair and vertagear triigger gaming chair catalog is made up of seven (08) models in total, which I will describe for you.
In reality, there are four truly gamer models; the other four are officially gaming chairs but are very similar to classic office chairs. Common sense prefers to divide them this way.
A Vertagear gaming chair & vertagear triigger gaming chair ranges from 200 Dollar to 400 Dollar for the first 04 models that I suggest you discover right away.

Vertagear S-Line

The S line combines comfort, aesthetics and ergonomics. We discover three products in increasing order of range: the SL2000, the SL4000 and the SL5000. You can check n its original website.

Vertagear SL2000

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Notice: The general quality of the construction is solid and there are very few squeaks and creaks. In addition, the mechanism for managing the resistance of the seat when you lean backwards according to its weight is well thought out. If you are taller with decently wide shoulders, I recommend that you turn to the wider SL4000/5000.

Vertagear SL4000

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Notice: The lumbar support and the headrest are really comfortable additional features to the chair. Small flat: the front base where your thighs rest on the chair can be disturbing. This chair really surprises me and then the price / quality ratio is good.

Vertagear SL5000

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Notice: You will find the padding a little firm at first but it is just the impression and you will get used to it. The only negative thing I can say is that it’s a little heavy, but it’s also what makes it strong and solid

Vertagear P-Line

This product line includes 02 models But we discuss only one modle. Comfortable and with superior ergonomic functions, the padding is much denser. If you want a lot more space, this is for you.

Vertagear PL6000

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Notice: Don’t you think this chair looks like Game of Thrones’ Iron Throne? More seriously, if you are rather tall or like to have a lot of space, this is the chair that you will definitely need.

Vertagear Triigger Line

Why is this series of gaming chairs different from the others? Indeed, one may wonder if the “Racing” style is really as ergonomic as the manufacturers claim. The manufacturer Vertagear therefore decided to create this chair more ergonomic according to them than the other classic gaming chairs on the market. Users can adjust the seat height and tilt angle 8 times faster than normal seats. It is surely the most ergonomic and flexible seat on the market. In addition, the warranty is 10 years !

Vertagear Triigger 275

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Notice: If you care about the finish, the quality of the materials, I can only recommend this game chair. Only the armrests are 2D and the cushion and headrest are not included

Vertagear Triigger 350

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Notice: For me, everyone can find a comfortable sitting position. This also applies to heavy goods vehicles among us because the maximum supported weight is 200 kg. However, as always, cushion and headrest are not included.

Conclusion: Vertagear, only high-end

If you are looking for a Vertagear gaming chair & vertagear triigger gaming chair, know that they are really top of the range and this brand clearly plays in the big leagues. Even with entry-level products you still have good quality.

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Vertagear triigger gaming chair

Which model to choose?

When you have so many options it becomes a little difficult to choose the perfect chair. They all have their pros and cons, you just have to find which one best suits your needs. The best thing you can do before making a purchase is to inform yourself and know the aspects of the chair, so you will avoid investing in a model that may not suit you as much.

In this compilation there are chairs for all kinds of people. If you are looking for a simple but functional model with a good size on the back then the S line is perfect for you, the only detail of these chairs is how firm they are. This may be an advantage for some as not everyone prefers soft-fill chairs.

The SL2000 is an ideal model for young people who want a simple and ergonomic model, while the SL4000 is more recommended to an audience that may be looking for a more comfortable back. If you are heavier than the rest, it is advisable to opt for the P line models such as the PL6000 since they have a high weight resistance. However, in case you need more seat space, the SL5000 is the one.

If you are looking for a unique and easy to maintain chair, the PL4500 is the best. Its coffee strands and silver stitching will keep your chair hygienic and bacteria-free. In addition, it is one of the most aesthetic models and you can include the LED light that adds an interesting touch to your gameplay.

In case your thing is a modern chair, the Triigger 350 beats any chair in this build. It is extremely light and made with Premium materials. It is the most expensive among all the chairs which may be the main negative aspect of it.

Vertagear triigger gaming chair

What characteristics are important in a chair?

Price, size, weight support, aesthetics and many other elements are often the deciding factor for buyers. Some factors to take into account in a chair are the wheels and the base. All Vertagear chairs have a star base that will give you perfect stability, along with excellent quality wheels.

Another important element is the firmness of the seat, since depending on this we can recognize how durable and comfortable the chair will be. Models that include lumbar support are highly recommended, since spending so many hours sitting can develop back pain or numbness. A very nice chair is useless but it is uncomfortable, the main thing to look for is functionality and how adaptable to your body it is.

If you are interested in other high-end chairs we can recommend you take a look at the DXRacer models, in this review we highlight the most important models.

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