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[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text single_style=””]As important as the hardware of our computer, it must be the chair where we sit, and that’s why in this guide we present you the best gaming chairs on the market for PC . The chair we use for our gaming moments must be ergonomic and of high quality. But maybe we don’t want to play and we need a desk chair to work, as much, or more important, will be. We are very demanding when it comes to buying any product, but the same requirement must apply to a gaming chair, since after all we will surely spend more time sitting on it than lying on the mattress.

Best PC chairs on the market

The greater the number of hours per day you spend sitting playing, the better the chair should be. It is a golden rule: the price of the chair we buy accompanies the value of your computer and the installed programs. Keep in mind that sitting on anything can take its toll in the long run, our back suffers in a bad position and this could lead to lumbar problems, at that moment is how much we will remember when we sat in any chair.

Dedicating you to playing in front of the PC or a console means spending a large part of your time sitting. In case this is your case, do you know what that means? That you run the risk of developing and / or aggravating serious problems in your back. Therefore, it is very important to have an ergonomic reclining gaming chair with footrest.

But what are ergonomic chairs? Ergonomic chairs are chairs designed to support the lower back and promote good posture, to prevent and relieve pain. In other words, these chairs take more care of your spine than ordinary chairs. In addition, many of them have cushions designed to personalize the posture in which we sit and thus improve the final position.

Seat width and depth

The seat should be wide and deep enough to make you feel comfortable. The width standard is usually 40 to 50 centimetres. The depth should be enough so that you can sit with your back against the back of the chair, leaving about 5 to 10 centimetres between the back curve of the knees and the seat of the gaming chair.

Seated, the user must be with the entire thigh on the seat (stability and comfort), and with the feet resting on the floor at an angle of 90º. The knees must be bent and relaxed 90º in relation to the seat.

In this sense, we must consider our measurements, since the posture of a person 2.00 meters long is not the same as the one that measures 1.50 m. Your legs will be smaller and surely your lower back will not properly support you. So, therefore, everyone should know the measurements of the seat and if it has cushions that adapt the position for those smaller people who need something extra behind.


The armrests of the gaming chair must be high enough so that the elbows and forearms are supported without stressing the shoulders. The design and height of the armrests will influence the final position we have to play, write and use the mouse.

Ideally, the elbows are always supported, while the forearms are located at the same height as the keyboard (180 ° in relation to the support). Tense fists generate repetitive effort and, over time, injury.

Ideally, we can purchase a chair with movable or multi-function armrests. In these chairs there will be armrests that can be adjusted in the three axes of the space:

The armrests are responsible for providing relaxation for the neck and shoulders, and ideally the forearms should be 90º in relation to the arm and shoulders. Another important aspect of an armrest is that it has some padded element, so that the support of our elbows is as bearable as possible.

Seat regulation

The seat height of a chair should be easily adjustable, and this is something basic that we should always look for in a gaming chair. Its regulation usually varies between 40 and 52 centimeters from the ground. The correct height for each should be the one that allows us to keep our feet flat on the ground, with our thighs and arms horizontal.

The possibility of adjusting the height, either by means of a gas piston or a traditional adjustment, is useful to adjust the height of the gaming chair. Stand in front of the monitor and raise the chair adjustment until your feet are completely flat on the floor and the height of your eyes is in the center of the monitor.

On many occasions the height of the desk greatly influences the height that we can put the chair, many of them are quite high and our orders do not fully reach the ground. If necessary, adjust your eyes first and then buy a foot support, avoiding hanging and affecting the circulation of the legs. This type of supports provides a much more comfortable position and we will have less fatigue in the legs.

Lumbar support

Lumbar support in an ergonomic chair is very important. The lumbar spine (lower part of the spine) has an internal curve and when you are sitting for long periods of time without support, you tend to force the lower part of the spine. A home solution to avoid this problem is to adopt a pad for lumbar support.

However, every good gaming chair has the proper shape (curve) so that your lower back is supported when you are sitting. We have already commented that many of them bring this type of pads to adapt our ideal and most comfortable position in the chair. Of course, it may be that our ideal position is not exactly the most correct for our back, and there is always time to get used to a better one with the indications that we give you here.

Invest in chairs with high backrests, which take your height from waist to close to your shoulders, and thus your spine will gain more weight support while sitting. There are options that go up to the height of the head, which are also indicated to give more support to the base of the neck.

We should always look for a backrest that is comfortable and fits well on our back. The materials will also be important, because we do not want to be sweating in the middle of summer and with a cold back in the middle of winter. But, above all, we recommend looking for a chair in which this backrest can be adjusted in position, that we can place this backrest straighter or more stretched to be able to change positions, for example when we play, watch a movie or write.

Do not worry because there are increasingly cheaper chairs with a movable and ergonomic backrest, which, with a simple lever, we can change this position. Although it may not seem like it, stretching your body from time to time and keeping your spine supported is a good idea, as this helps to stretch your back muscles, so you don’t feel tense after sitting for several hours.

Lining material

The material on the seat of the chair should be thick enough to feel comfortable when sitting for long periods of time. It should also not be too soft. The backs can be padded or fabric, but always comfortable to the touch.

The coverings range from traditional fabric to nylon mesh and leather, whether synthetic or natural. When choosing the seat and backrest covering, it is always good to think about who is going to use it and the type of maintenance that each one needs. Let’s see now the most used materials, as well as their advantages and disadvantages.

Fabric and weave

It is undoubtedly the most commonly used material to build normal and low cost chairs . Of course, gaming chairs increasingly use synthetic leather and that is why they tend to be somewhat more expensive. The good thing about the fabric is the enormous variety of colors that we have and the different types of finishes that can be given. At this point we must distinguish between the finishes in natural fabric and artificial fabric, which is why they are classified into groups (group 1, 1, A, etc.), since the resistance, finish or quality of the chair will vary and your comfort.

Among the most significant advantages we can mention that they are cheap chairs , although everything will depend on the fabric used, it is also a very breathable and durable fabric , if it is made of quality fibers. They can even become resistant to wear, chemicals and heat. Among the disadvantages that we will obtain, we can mention how difficult they are to clean, because the dust adheres to the fibers and also the liquids that are poured, being absorbed by the fibers.

Natural leather

The natural leather covering is undoubtedly the most expensive and it is also not usually used for gaming chairs, but it is used in office chairs. Among its benefits we can say that it is very comfortable, it is easier to clean, but always with the right products.

Natural leather usually offers good breathability and is also very resistant to sharp and hard objects such as buttons on pants or straps. Of course, we must always have hydrated, with special products so that it never cracks. The biggest drawback to these chairs is their high price.

Synthetic skin

But we also have coating synthetic leather, also called leatherette. This type of material is built using synthetic fibers such as polyurethane or nylon and sometimes traces of natural leather, and is intended to simulate natural leather. One of the good things it has is that we can choose from a lot of colors , and it is also cheaper than natural leather. It is also very easy to clean and we do not need special products, nor does it stain easily.

But they also have some drawbacks, for example wear and tear , which is much higher due to the construction in synthetic materials and cracking. In addition, the leatherette is usually quite cold in winter and hot in summer, because it does not allow perspiration as leather does.


Finally, we have a material that is very fashionable in design and office chairs, and it is mesh or mesh type. These chairs are mainly intended for use in offices and workplaces, with a design far from gaming. This mesh can be mainly made of nylon, plastic or polypropylene, they are normally very breathable chairs, since it is based on perforated mesh. You can also visit our another related article best reclining gaming chair with footrest.

Among its advantages we can mention that they are quite comfortable chairs, due to the versatility of the design and the adaptability of the material to the body. They are also very easy to clean due to the simplicity of design and materials. On the disadvantages side we have something that we can imagine, and that is that, depending on the designs, they will be somewhat slippery chairs and they are not entirely comfortable for the lumbar. Finishes and colors will also be more limited than for example in fabric or synthetic leather chairs.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]