reclining gaming chair with footrest cheap gaming chairs canada
cheap gaming chairs canada
reclining gaming chair with footrest cheap gaming chairs canada
cheap gaming chairs canada
cheap gaming chairs canada
cheap gaming chairs canada
reclining gaming chair with footrest cheap gaming chairs canada
cheap gaming chairs canada
cheap gaming chairs canada

Ergonomic chairs to protect your back

Many times we write about what happens to us in everyday life with the intention of learning. This time, we have a colleague who suffers from lumbar problems and we have proposed to buy an ergonomic office chair, one of those that provide the virtues and benefits to have a comfort ten when you feel.

And here has come the mess, because when you ask about ergonomic chairs to protect your back, a flood of information comes to you like crazy with hundreds of options (operational, collective, revolving, steering, desk, etc.) to buy a seat comfortable.

What lumbar problems come from the chairs?

We spent 8 to 10 hours in front of the computer. If we multiply by all our working life, there are many hours sitting. But … What risks will we have in the office?  They mainly originate from two causes:

  • The first is for adopting bad postures.
  • In second place, for always maintaining the same posture.

In both cases, there is a direct relationship between postural problems and their causes due to; the furniture, the organization of the environment and work.

Tips for buying a chair that protects your back

You have to prevent, it is the main advice on health, that is, sit well. And as a reminder, back problems do not come when you are young, they come with old ages and here the remedy no longer works. So take note of the following tips to buy healthy office chair.

Always opt for an ergonomic seat design

When you wonder … What should an office chair design look like? The quick response is “comfortable”. But ergonomics and comfort are actually two different, albeit linked, concepts.

When we talk about a “comfortable chair” it will not reduce our pain, what’s more, so that we DO NOT change our posture for many hours. And there, according to experts, is where the greatest musculoskeletal ailments occur.

How do I know if a chair is comfortable for me? If the angles of your hips, knees and ankles are not comfortably at 90º, then the chair is too high or too low. All of your joints should remain at 90 degrees. The study of ergonomics in a chair allows the worker to suffer as few sequel as possible while sitting and executing his work.

You must look at how long you are going to be sitting

At first glance this may seem silly, and in reality, in many cases we do not know. But what we can recognize is that manufacturers approve chairs for the hours that we are going to be sitting. Many computer chairs or gaming chairs are only approved for daily use of 4 hours, instead of the 8 hours normally assigned to those of dispatches agencies.

An ergonomic chair serves to prevent occupational diseases, but also, we should exercise our muscles throughout the day. It is recommended that at least every 2 hours we get up and perform stretches (back, neck, legs and arms) to avoid overloading the muscles and numbness of the legs due to a lack of blood circulation.

A good backrest in the chair is health

Back support is the main goal of many ergonomic chairs, but what makes a chair good in terms of back support? As we see in the image, with these adjustable mechanisms we obtain ergonomic chairs to prevent cervical problems.

The lumbar support is essential to prevent stooping and minimize the load on the back. With this in mind, moreover, the back of an ideal ergonomic office chair is between 30 cm and 50 cm wide.

The adjustable arms if they matter

We know it, a chair without arms is cheaper and in reality, we practically do not use them. But are armrests necessary in office chairs?

The function of the armrest is for the limbs to rest and we can change the posture throughout the day or support us to get up. We should have a minimum height adjustment, although currently the chairs sell adjustable arms according to different movements.

Look for a seat that has horizontal movement and is curved

The horizontal displacement of the seat serves to adapt the base to both the backrest and the position of the knees. Cascading seats (curved down at the knees) keep you from feeling trapped behind your knees.

The tray where we sit should be smooth and contoured so that it does not cause compression on the buttocks and thighs. For those of the highest range, other comfort systems are provided that will benefit health in the chair. If you have a large body mass or a few kilograms of weight, you have to ask what type of chair is appropriate. There are weight limits and manufacturers clearly designate it on the label.

Must have height adjustment

Practically all the seats, armchairs and individual armchairs that we find on the market and are intended for work, have a height adjustment to match them with the office furniture or the respective work station.

This aspect is mandatory, so cheap chairs without height adjustment are not good for health. They do not allow adopting the correct position. What is the recommended working plane height for my workplace?

The height adjustment of the seat is done through a gas pump. The measurements, although they depend on the manufacturer, normally the regulation starts at 42 cm and ends at 53 cm. Remember that if you are very tall, ask to see what options are available and what would be the best seat for you.

Filling material

Just as important is the exterior finish as the interior finish of the seat, and is that the padding that make up the cushions of a chair are essential to ensure our comfort in it. In addition, the quality of them will determine the life time and the hours that we can be sitting in a gaming chair.

These chairs must be prepared to support our weight for many hours a day and many days a year, so we will have to find one that is thick and of good quality. The materials used to fill the seats and backs of the chairs can be the following:

Foam: Obviously it is the most common filler of all in a gaming chair, due to its easy construction and its ease of molding. This type of filler is quite durable, it has enough thickness and quality and it is also a material that immediately returns to its original shape. The problem with foam is that it does not completely mold to the body due to its hardness, especially on the back, so it is not highly recommended for people with back problems.

Soft Plate: it is a type of foam rubber with better molding properties than normal foam. This material is better than foam, since it adapts better to the body and in the same way that latex has a much greater durability than normal foam. For heavy users, it is not highly recommended, since it can deform after many days and long hours of use, which is why it is not usually used in gaming chairs.

Synthetic and latex fillers: this material is even more durable and of better quality than the previous one. In addition, it is an antiallergic material and it stays clean and bacteria-free for a long time. Mainly we find it in sofas and chairs of extreme quality.

Each chair is intended for a different use

People have different body sizes, different complexions and different heights, and sometimes it is necessary to adapt other elements so that comfort, while playing, is the best possible. Using a footrest is a great alternative to be more comfortable while playing with your friends, this we have previously mentioned.

Remember that there is no chair that is suitable for all activities cheap gaming chairs canada. For example, dentists need a different chair than those who work in the office. A gamer requires a chair with the greatest freedom of movement. Therefore, it is ideal that you carefully look for one that best suits your needs.

Although it is true that today’s gaming chairs are very well designed and will be very comfortable both for playing and for writing and doing basic functions on a desktop with our PC. The biggest problem of them is their design, and this is because the colors or design do not make it suitable for example as office chairs.

The wheels, necessary and noisy?

They are not exactly essential, but they have practically become a fixture for gaming chairs . Instead of lifting or dragging your feet when you are sitting, you just have to slide with the chair. But as in everything, we must make different distinctions between the types of wheels that we can find, since there are different materials for its construction.

The first of all are the typical hard PVC plastic wheels, which most of the lower-middle range chairs bring from the factory . They are wheels that have great durability and are highly recommended for moving around carpet, motherboard or carpet surfaces, because they do not deform and adapt better to soft surfaces. The problem with these wheels is that they are quite noisy.

Then we have the wheels covered with soft material like rubber or nylon, which are quieter than the previous ones. They will be highly recommended for surfaces such as parquet or marble or tile floors, since they do not scratch the surface and provide better grip.

We continue with those that are one of the best options, both in terms of performance and noise. They are wheels built by means of a bearing axle and a round rubber ring on a metal or hard plastic axle. These wheels are 100% silent and have displacement and frictions that will make us levitate.

But there is still another variant of wheels that is widely used today and that can be combined with the other three, and they are wheels with built-in brakes. The great difference with the previous ones is that, if we wish, we can block all the wheels of the chair so that it does not move from the site, and thus achieve maximum stability.

Component quality

This part deserves special attention. As in any product we buy, the chairs can be of good or bad quality. Don’t be swayed by appearance. It is very important to observe the robustness of the components, the weight and the thickness of the used metal sheets.

Force the back of the chair while it is locked to assess its resistance. Note if the base of the swivel chair (part where the wheels are fixed) has reinforcing ribs in plastic injection or aluminum, if it is of a size that gives stability to the chair and if it does not give off easily when using it.

The mechanisms of the larger chairs have greater durability, stability and comfort if they have a cast aluminum body. The relaxation mechanisms in stamped sheet steel can give way and leave the chair malfunctioning.

Pay attention to the quality of the chair foams, not only the comfort, but also its resistance , that is, if it returns to its original shape after applying load on it. Test by pressing your fingertip firmly into the foam to see if it returns to normal after pressure.

Price and opinions

In this article cheap gaming chairs canada we listed best quality cheap chairs. One of the most common mistakes in choosing a gaming chair is taking into account only the price that is, choosing the cheapest one. Despite looking trustworthy, budget chairs generally do not offer adequate comfort and durability. They can break quickly, which will cause disruption and damage. A good quality chair will last for many years, ensuring the well-being of users and avoiding buying a new chair every year.

Another of the most important considerations about cheap gaming chairs canada that we must make is to know the opinions of others, although it is true that they are always subjective and to the liking of each one, they will give us a better guide to the general opinion of the chair by many more users, of various sizes, weights and tastes.

Of course we recommend seeing in-depth analysis of the products and, above all, trying them whenever we have the opportunity cheap gaming chairs canada. If we buy it online, what we should do immediately is assemble it and test it, and if something does not convince us, return it before it meets the return period.