PlayStation 4 Compatible Gaming Chairs

PlayStation 4 Compatible Gaming Chairs

PlayStation 4 Compatible Gaming Chairs

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We analysis about PlayStation 4 Compatible Gaming Chairs. Playing on a console is more fun when you sit close to the ground, according to someone? We don’t currently offer Rocker gaming chair options in our best guide, but they are usually on the floor and often have no legs that allow them to swivel and swing.

In addition to being on the floor, rockers usually have comfort features in line with a lot of gaming chairs. Consider quality head restraints, lumbar support, and more. This is why some people prefer to play in rocking chairs rather than sitting on the sofa. This is especially true if your sofa is far from the television. Premium rocking chairs can be fitted with control panels, vibration motors and wireless speakers, all of which provide a more immersive gaming experience, at least on paper. It is important to consult the reviews of gaming chairs, as rocking chairs are known to have low-quality speakers, or problems where wireless functions pick up interference.

Just a few decades ago, office workers sat in very rigid and uncomfortable seats during their 9 to 5 hour office work. Fortunately, working conditions have improved and future technologies have been used to create new seats suitable for long working hours.

Almost all gaming chairs are essentially office chairs whose design has been slightly modified to better meet the needs of gaming enthusiasts. Many players tend to forget to add good seats to their play facilities. Spending countless hours sitting in an uncomfortable chair with no support will not only give you a less than ideal playing experience, but will also have long-term negative effects on your body.

With the best gaming chair, your experience will be improved in more ways than you can imagine, both in terms of comfort and health. But given the seemingly endless choice of gaming chairs on the market, how can you decide which one is right for you? We have compiled a list of x Rocker chairs that fit the needs of anyone and budget. There are X Rocker armchairs with pedestals that cost between 200 and 600 Dollars. However, the models without pedestal are cheaper and range between 100 to 300 Dollars.

We are going to review some of the available models so that you can find the best gamer rocker x chair for you.

X Rocker Extreme Gaming Chair

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  • Made of simple maintenance fake leather
  • Includes 2.0 audio system in the header
  • Its back can be folded to reduce its size
  • Padded padding
  • Ergonomic shape
  • Total weight of 8 kg

This small and simple model is made of fake leather which makes it very easy to clean, so you will not have to worry about stains or dirt. Robust body and without base, it is perfect for those who want a seat close to the ground.

This cool gamer lounge chair is black with blue accents in a sports car seat design, and features an audio system at the head. This immersive audio system is compatible with almost all consoles available today as PS3. PS Vita, Xbox 360, Wii, Wii U, 3DS and many more.

This system will allow you to have a more intense gaming experience, or perhaps if you like listening to music while playing on it. It is also a compact and ergonomically friendly model where you can play for hours on end. The Banshee 2.0 does not take up much space. Its back that can be folded makes it easy to store.


However, this chair also has certain disadvantages:

The main problem is that it is designed for children and young gamers, so it will be very small for many buyers. Another detail of this model is that, if your television is not compatible, you must buy an extra adapter to link the chair.

This is a perfect model for children who are entering the gaming world and want a comfortable place to play that is also practical for rooms or rooms.

X Rocker Pro Gaming Chairs

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  • Made of plastic and ultra-soft synthetic leather
  • Pedestal base with 5-point support
  • Pose padded arms
  • Back that can be folded to reduce its size
  • Ergonomic shape
  • 2.1 audio system with subwoofer
  • Wireless audio with DAC transmitter
  • Wireless connection with bluetooth
  • Includes vibration motors
  • Dimensions of 72 x 88 x 104 cm
  • Total weight of 21 Kg
  • It can hold up to 100 Kg

This incredible pro chair is the one if you are looking for a fully immersive gaming experience, since its audio system is truly impressive. In addition, it is wireless and it will be much easier to connect it. Meanwhile, its vibration motors will give an extreme touch to your gameplay.

This official model of the X -Rocker brand, in company with Sony, includes the highest comfort and aesthetics with a powerful 2.1 audio system, subwoofer and excellent ergonomics. The control panel is located on the right side of the seat and includes a power switch, bass and vibration knobs, auxiliary and USB ports.

It is also manufactured with excellent materials and soft to the touch. As it is synthetic leather that covers this chair, cleaning could not be easier. It has a resistant plastic base that can support up to 100 kg with its 5 support points that distribute the user’s weight equally.

Also its interior padding is fireproof and will give you maximum comfort for a long time. Additionally, its backrest can be folded to facilitate the storage of this chair.


This armchair is ergonomic, it has a good backrest with headrest and it rests padded arms to achieve the best possible posture while you play. The only disadvantage of this chair is that its vibration system cannot be adjusted; it can only be switched on or off.

X Rocking Gaming Chair

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The rocking gaming chair model is only used for console games. It goes directly to the ground and – as the name suggests – allows the user to swing back and forth. X Rocker popularized this model of gaming chair and X Rocker is so far the leader in the category of rocking gaming chairs.

Rocking gaming chairs are better than pear chairs. The most expensive chairs in this category are fitted with audio equipment such as the speakers which are located in the headrest part of the chair.

The downside to this model is that it doesn’t allow you to turn from left to right. Besides, some users complain of pain after playing for a few hours. Hardcore players who spend several days playing more than eight hours in video games should avoid the cheaper models or if not after a few weeks, they will be satisfied with pain in the buttocks and back which will be very unpleasant.

Armchair on pedestal Gaming Chair

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The armchair on pedestal model is in a way a mixture between rocking and wheeled gaming chairs. These chairs are made for console games but from time to time we learn that these chairs are used at a desk. Besides, the brand X Rocker is also very popular in this category of armchair.

Pedestal gaming chair models are generally more expensive than rocking gaming chairs. In addition, these chairs lift you a little off the ground. Instead of only having the option of going completely to “flip” mode, you have a pedestal on which you can turn.

Best Gaming Chair: The Different Types

1. Console

Console seats tend to be much lower in height to give you a cinematic experience and adapt to your living space by being less bulky. While these seats do not allow you to swing or swivel like a classic gaming seat, they are often comfortable and offer the same benefits as other seat categories.

Quality console chairs have excellent lumbar support and additional features such as integrated audio systems, vibration motors, control panels and comfortable headrests. If you’re looking for a good model, be sure to check customer reviews as some of these additional features may be faulty. For example, some models have problems with their built-in and wireless audio functions.

Most console players buy these seats because their sofa is not comfortable enough for long gaming sessions, or because it is located too far from their television. By using a console chair, these problems can be easily resolved.

2. Racer

Racer gaming chairs, as their name suggests, have a design similar to that of sports car seats, offering a good blend of clean style and ergonomic benefits. Most racing game chairs, especially the more upscale, also have seat covers in real or synthetic leather.

PlayStation 4 Compatible Gaming Chairs

These chairs often offer extensive customization possibilities, where you can adjust the armrests, headrests, seat height and many other elements of the chair to optimize your comfort and experience. Some go beyond conventional expectations and include accelerator pedals, wheel support cushions and steering wheel cushions to further reinforce the racing theme.

3. Office

Office chairs are the foundation of gaming chairs, being more traditional and simpler in appearance compared to their flashy counterparts. They are often offered in discreet colors and a sleek design to adapt to a work environment, but that does not mean that you can also use them for your gaming sessions!

PlayStation 4 Compatible Gaming Chairs

Most office chairs do not offer lumbar or head support, unlike other gaming chairs where these features are more common. However, these chairs provide good back support, and are comfortable enough for long hours of play, and can often be adjusted to provide you with optimal support and comfort.

What is special about X Rocker Chairs?

If you’re ready to sit low with a rocking-style experience, you’re bound to find a suitable X Rocker chair. But first, let’s learn exactly what it is. Gone are the days of sitting in your bed, on the floor of your room or in an uncomfortable office chair, while you are deeply in a video game. New X Rocker technology allows us to take better advantage of our experience of playing video games. X Rocker has certainly made progress in this regard. Many of these gaming chairs have incorporated ergonomic science with superior quality.

In other words, the X Roker chairs not only have an extremely comfortable and supportive seat, but also include innovations such as high-quality surround sound, AFM technology, vibration effect, wireless capability and more. If you combine this “home theater effect” with a well curved back that protects the contours of your spine, you have the perfect gaming experience.

Best for playing console video games

In terms of functionality, this chair is perfect for playing on game consoles such as Xbox, PlayStation and Wii. The only problem can occur if you are playing in a room that has the television or PC screen too high. So it is not at eye level. This is generally not a problem for most people.

Imagine yourself leaning back, legs stretched out, controller in hand playing your favorite video game. Not only do you listen to the speakers inside the chair, but you also feel the experience. With each explosion, you experience a vibrating effect similar to that found in video game controllers. It will elevate your gaming experience to another level.

Keep in mind that many of these gaming chairs can share the same features like speakers, ergonomic design, or whatever. The most important thing to keep in mind is size, your color preferences, and how much you want to spend.

X Rocker – The manufacturer of console gaming chairs

Who is the company behind the X Rocker armchairs?

These guys have some insight when it comes to developing comfortable gaming chairs. They are in fact the largest provider of children’s armchairs and bean bags in the United States.

X rocker’s involvement in the gaming movement is seen in his recent partnership with SuperCon2K Series and AYB Online. Traveling with these traveling game organizers offering contests, tournaments, and panels to conventions and festivals in the United States.

Since 2005, this company has also been leading the market in its concepts, designs and production of “next generation” style furniture. X Rocker always strives to meet and exceed your gaming expectations.


X-Rocker offers some great options in high-tech and high-end gaming seats, whether you want rock and rolls or sits still. We hope that a little background knowledge can help you choose the right chair for your size and gaming needs.

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