How To Fix An Office Chair That Leans Back? Best Sitting Posture

office chair that leans back

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If you have ever wondered how to fix an office chair that leans back, then these steps will improve your posture and prevent lower back pain.

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A fitness chair allows you to move around the office while sitting. It is always important to get enough movement, also in the office. The fitness chairs are generally provided with a movable seat in order to move freely.

As we have already mentioned several times on our blog: the sitting posture is a source of back pain and muscle tension. We spend most of our time sitting, especially at work, while this posture does not suit our human morphology.

Indeed, the sitting posture does not respect the natural curvature of our spine and most workstations are not examples of ergonomics.

Tips for sitting properly

Sit as deep as possible in the chair, use the entire seating surface. A correct position in the workplace is not enough to avoid pain. It is also important to be dynamic, that is, to bend down from time to time and straighten back during work. A good chair will help you.

Even if you are sitting in the best office chair that leans back, you should always get up from time to time. This works especially well with a desk that allows you to electronically adjust the height to work standing for a certain period of time.

If you have a desk with an adjustable height, first position the chair optimally for your anatomy. Finally, you can adjust the height of the desk so that the forearm rests quietly on the work surface.

If the height of the desk cannot be adapted for short people, we recommend that you use a footrest. The latter should be adjustable in height and tilt to allow you to adopt the best working position. To do this, adjust the chair so that the forearm forms a right angle to the work surface when you are seated. Only in this way can the footrest be adjusted so that the legs also form a right angle to the table.

Pay attention that the screen is located at a suitable height. The top edge of the screen should be high enough so that your eye height is located just below it.

Adjust the chair correctly:

To start, the best is to correctly adjust the height of your chair. Your thighs and calves should form a right angle so that your knees are at the same height as the hips. The feet should be placed flat on the floor. If this is not possible, use a footrest.

Your forearm should rest comfortably on the work surface. If your chair has armrests, they should be adjusted so that you can advance far enough to the desk, the forearms should be able to rest quietly, and your arms and forearms should form a right angle.

Then adjust the office chair that leans back according to your weight. The mechanics are sufficiently well adjusted if you can lean back effortlessly and if the chair accompanies you gently when you lean forward. You often have to get used to this dynamic foundation at the start. But your back will be grateful to you for not settling the case in a fixed manner.

If your seat has a seat depth adjustment, make sure that you are seated deeply in order to use the largest surface area of ​​the seat. The knee area should however remain free. In no case should the seat surface compress the hollow of your knees as this may interfere with your blood circulation.

If you have an office chair that won’t lean back, it might be time to change your chair.

What does office ergonomics mean?

An ergonomic arrangement of the workplace and the work tools must make it possible to protect people from bodily harm when they work for a long time at their desks.

The most common injuries in the workplace, especially in offices or similar facilities, are dry eyes, neck pain, headache, and pain in the shoulders, arms, and hands. The longer you work in front of a screen, the more you have to be careful that the ergonomics are optimal.

Office tips for your back:

  • Individual arrangement of the workplace
  • Take care to adopt a natural sitting position and the direction of your gaze. Position is important.
  • Try to relax while working on the computer.
  • Don’t get tense. Breaks are extremely important after long work sessions. It is recommended to move regularly.

What exactly does Ergonomics mean?

The word “ergonomics” comes from ancient Greek and means “the law of work”. The objective of ergonomics is to optimize the working conditions, the instructions as well as the workflow both spatially and temporally. The work should not harm the health of the employees and should not tire them even when they are working long periods.

The objective of ergonomics is therefore to produce handy and comfortable products without the person perceiving any harmful consequences after work and even if the latter has been exercised for long years.

Ergonomics, therefore, aims to ensure that humans do not suffer from any health problem when working with machines such as vehicles, computers, or others; this is of particular importance for protection and safety at work.

The word “ergonomics” is used more and more in the common language mainly because of the ever-increasing danger of humans by technology. Almost all daily activities can be organized ergonomically to prevent health problems.

Tensions and serious health problems are often due to poor ergonomics in the workplace. Office work that requires a static and prolonged working position should therefore be organized exclusively with ergonomic furniture.

Sit properly, but how?

office chair that leans back

Sitting can make you sick. You just have to sit improperly in the wrong chair long enough to already expose your body to back or neck pain. Your backbone is important for your health: you must sit relaxed and always move.

Sitting while moving constantly on the ideal chair is a “dynamic seat”. The ideal chair relieves and supports the muscles of your back and thus relieves discs intervertebral; it gives you freedom of movement and does not interfere with blood circulation.

The best solution is a chair with five castors, the height of which you can adjust. The backrest should be approximately 50 cm high and should accompany your back movements when you lean back and forth. The inclination of the seat must be adjustable. Small armrests make sense. A sufficient gap between the edge of the seat and the hollow of the knee prevents blood retention in the legs. If you want to fix or replace the broken caster then read this article how to fix broken caster

How can I avoid back pain?

Back pain occurs when a person does not move properly or not enough. The human body was designed to walk for several kilometers each day. Yet many people spend 80% of their day seated. For this reason, it is extremely important to be aware that we can only protect ourselves from back and neck pain by getting enough movement every day.

  • Change your position during work as often as possible. Even the perfect sitting position is exhausting for a long time.
  • To avoid scoliosis of the spine, your screen and keyboard should always be facing your body.
  • Your backrest should not be fixed so that it accompanies your backward movements.
  • A few stretches during work will also relieve you.
  • During your free time, getting active and playing sports will be beneficial to you!

Why do I have pain when I sit?

If you experience pain while sitting, it often comes from the spine. But sitting poorly can also cause health problems without you noticing.

Physical constraints in an office can generally be classified as low. Sitting statically and in an improper position are problems that only appear in today’s workplace when practicing in an office.

Sitting statically means prolonged, motionless sitting, which leads to stagnant metabolism in the muscles and intervertebral discs. Leaning forward while seated, also called cyrosis, is a position that is often encountered and which results in uneven stress on the intervertebral discs and can thus cause back problems and pain when seated on an office chair.

Here are some tips:

Sitting while moving and changing position activates the muscles. In the natural position, the spine forms an S so that the pressure is evenly distributed over the intervertebral discs.

If the pain persists or even intensifies, consult your doctor.

How many times do you have to get up from your desk?

How many times do you have to get up from your desk? Always sitting makes you sick. Researchers have found that a person who gets up more often than others on average, even for a short period of time, can significantly reduce the risk of disease, even if the person does not play sports.

Short one-minute breaks already seem to lower the risk of heart disease. The more time a person spends sitting, the higher the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. In addition to the advice already known, such as sports, in the future you should sit as short as possible and get up often.

For this reason, it is advisable to take a break from time to time in order to move around a bit. Take breaks of one to five minutes every hour. Your eyes will also be relieved not to be permanently fixed on the computer screen. Take some free time and get up from time to time; it will do your body good.

How tall should I sit?

A good armchair has a backrest with adjustable height and inclination as well as a synchronization mechanism allowing the coordinated tilting of the seat and the back of the armchair according to your movements.

The seat height should be adjusted so that your thighs are parallel to the floor surface. Pay attention that your feet rest entirely on the ground. The perfect position is as follows: the thigh should form a right angle to the trunk as well as to the calf.

But what is lumbar support?

office chair that leans back

Lordosis is the natural curvature of the spine forward. The lumbar spine has a lordosis, this means that it is tilted forward. If the back muscles are not sufficiently trained and relax, this is due to cyrosis.

The lumbar support is found on chairs, car seats, and slatted bases and can be adjusted as required. It is mainly during office work or long periods of driving that the back muscles can relax due to fatigue. The lumbar support allows the spine to relax and the user to adopt a relaxed body position.

How tall should my work table be?

The height of the work table should allow the elbow to form a right angle on the table. If you cannot adjust the height of your desk, it is possible to adjust the height of the chair.

However, there are work tables whose height can be adjusted automatically or manually. It is important that the arm and forearm form a right angle in order to provide you with an ergonomic position. This table must be adjusted so that the elbow is at the same height as the table.

Where should I place my work table?

Adjust your table and screen so that the outside light does not interfere with your work. The screen should form a 90-degree angle to the window to avoid unwanted reflections. All other lights should be placed parallel to the windows and in the direction of the gaze.

Why do many people sit on a fitness balance cushion or a gymnastic ball?

To strengthen the muscles of the back, stomach, and pelvic floor, many people use a gymnastic ball or fitness balance cushions. They are also suitable for practicing muscle strengthening or coordination exercises. There are also office chairs with an integrated gymnastics ball.

However, anyone who regularly moves in his chair, who often changes his sitting position and gets up every hour to take a few steps, moves his body enough. For this reason, these accessories are not absolutely necessary.

But sitting for a long time on a gymnastic ball can also harm you. In fact, your back cannot rest on a backrest and for this reason, the back muscles and the spine are constantly used. The musculature is not sufficient for such a prolonged sitting and cannot maintain this position for a long time. As a result, this can cause back pain and muscle strain in the back.

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