How Much Do Gaming Chairs Cost in 2021?

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

From Entry Level to Premium

dantdm gaming chair

So really how much do gaming chairs cost and what can you get for your particular budget? Luckily we have you covered. You will be very surprised at what is actually available for the money.

Budget Gaming Chairs

Who knew that for around $50 you could get yourself into a budget gaming chair to start things off. You can always step up in the future once you are taking your gaming or youtube career seriously just as DanTDM did.

We were surprised at the decent designs available in this class:

  • Amazing colors to suit everyone
  • Extra padding and a pillow
  • Lumbar and footrest
  • Adjustability and reclining

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For a gaming chair under $100, it does improve:

  • Better Quality materials
  • More comfort and larger padding
  • Greater adjustibility

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Mid-range Gaming Chairs

Like most people, you want something in the middle – with the best of both worlds being affordability, to feature-rich and comfortable. The YouTuber Dan TDM uses a great mid-range chair from GT Omega. These are around the $250 price.

Features to look for:

  • Orthopedically designed
  • Great as an Office or Gaming chair
  • Weight support for over 100kg (220lb)

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Premium Gaming Chairs

You just want the best gaming chair or something that the professionals use. Famous Gamers like Faker use gaming equipment from the top gaming companies in the industry. These chairs range from $400 – $1000

Premium materials and ergonomics are used so that you can sit in the chairs for really long hours.

Razer is a popular maker of gaming computers and accessories, which now includes gaming chairs.

How Much Do Gaming Chairs Cost
razer gaming chair features

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Conclusion for How Much Do Gaming Chairs Cost

The question of how much do gaming chairs cost has probably been answered for you now. It comes down to any budget you have – there is a product for you. How much are you willing to spend on a gaming chair?

Another consideration is the usage and form factor which can include:

  • Office chairs
  • Gaming chairs
  • Hybrids
  • Bean bags
  • Couch or sofa
  • Racing rigs

They can all be found on, and how much do gaming chairs cost will certainly be answered.

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