Herman Miller Aeron vs Embody Office Chair

herman miller aeron vs embody

Herman Miller Aeron vs Embody Office Chair

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Do you have back problems or do you want to avoid them? You need the best ergonomic chair on the market and we are going to show you. so we introduce best office chair Herman Miller Aeron vs Embody. Many times we write about what happens to us in everyday life with the intention of learning. This time, we have a colleague who suffers from lumbar problems and we have decided to buy an ergonomic office chair, one of those that provide the virtues and benefits to have a comfort when you feel.

And here the mess has come, because when you ask about ergonomic chairs to protect your back, a flood of information comes to you like crazy with hundreds of options (operational, collective, revolving, steering, desk, etc.) to buy a seat comfortable.

Herman Miller Aeron Office Chair

Today we’re going  to write article on Aeron office chair from Herman  Miller. The Herman Miller Aeron chair is a very comfortable and well made chair that I expect to last for many years to come. While not strictly  a piece of technology, we spend a lot of time sitting while using said  technology, so we may as well be comfortable.  Prior to picking up the Aeron chair, I would typically buy a generic “office chair” from a local office furniture shop for around $150-$200. After 1-2 years the chair would always start falling apart and eventually become extremely uncomfortable or completely unusable.

Rather than repeating this cycle indefinitely, I began to investigate higher quality chairs which are when I found the Herman Miller Aeron chair.  I literally spend most of my time throughout the day sitting down, so figured that I should invest more money into a good a chair that would be more comfortable and last longer, and this Herman Miller chair definitely delivers.  It comes with a 12 year warranty, is 94% recyclable and is made from 53% recycled materials. While being fairly environmentally friendly as far as seating options go, the build quality is solid and it feels very well constructed.  There was no assembly required with this chair.  There are plenty of ways that the chair can be customized to fit your specific needs. 

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Chair Adjustment

The usual height adjustment option is available as you’d expect in any type of office chair, allowing you to raise the seat up or down with the paddle shaped lever on the right hand side.  The height of each arm on either side of the chair can be raised or lowered by simply lifting the lever on the base of the arm and then moving the arm to the desired height, once in place lower the lever to lock into position.  The angle of both arms can also be adjusted  in or out, while seated simply hold the front  of the arm pad and pivot it to the left or  right.  The tilt tension can be adjusted by turning the knob on the right hand side; a clockwise turn will increase the tilt tension, while a counterclockwise turn will decrease the tension.

The tilt tension makes it harder or easier to tilt back and forth while seated.  The forward tilt can be modified with the front lever on the left hand side; simply lean back and lift the lever all the way up and then lean forward to position the chair forward. To reverse the change, while seated push the lever all the way down and lean back.  The tilt range can be limited as desired,  simply recline as far as you want and then  move the lever on the left hand side up to  define the limit of recline, you’ll still  be able to move forward but won’t be able  to go back further than this limit. The limit can easily be removed by leaning forward and pressing the lever down. 

Herman Miller Aeron vs Embody Office Chair

Comfort and Lumber Support

The height of the lumbar support can be moved up or down with your hands to get it into the right place for your back, it’s there to support the natural curve of your spine.  The support can also be pushed in or out by turning the knob on the right hand side. The lumbar pad can also be removed and turned over as it’s thicker on the other side, allowing you to modify the depth.  In addition to these adjustments, there are also many combinations of material available. 

Quality and Durability

The base and frame finishes available are a graphite base with graphite frame, a titanium base with smoke frame, or polished aluminum base with graphite frame. I’ve got the graphite base and frame here, I did prefer the look  of the polished aluminum base however in  my area it came at an extra cost which didn’t  seem worth it. There are also a few different fabric options available as well, so you can customize quite a lot. 

Aeron Chairs Types

The Aeron chair comes in three different sizes,  type A, B and C which are essentially small,  medium, and large options respectively.  The C model is what I have in this article,  as I’m a little tall I found the extra depth  good for my longer legs. According to the website, most people will fit nicely in the  B model and I assumed that I would fall into this category. If you’re looking at this chair I’d definitely  recommend trying the different sizes out first  in person before committing to buy, because  it’s not cheap and ideally you’ll be using  it for years.  You can get an estimate of the size that’s right for you based on your height and weight however keep in mind that this is a recommendation. 

I personally fall within the B or C area, nearing closer to B territory, however as mentioned I felt that the C was the right fit for me.  So that’s basically it, in conclusion I  find this to be a very comfortable and high  quality chair, it feels great to sit on even  after an extended period of time, say 18 hours  for example… I haven’t had any problems  with it at all in the year that I’ve had  it so far, and I’ve found myself wishing  for another one at work as I’ve found it  difficult to go back to lower quality chairs,  which I suppose may be a downside of having  such a good one at home.

Aeron Chair Price

The chair has just about any type of adjustment you could want, allowing for you to customize it exactly to your needs.  As expected, these type of features do not come without a price, I paid around $700 for this chair however I really do look at it as an investment as I should have a chair for at least 12 years as per the warranty which means I no longer need to buy a new $200 chair every 1-2 years which could quickly equal more money wasted over the same period of time for lower quality chairs.

I should also note that the different size types, finishes and materials also cost different amounts so you could potentially be looking at a cheaper or more expensive option based on what you’re after.  So what did you guys think of the Herman Miller Aeron chair? Be sure to let me know your thoughts down in the comments.

Herman Miller Embody Office Chair

This is also one of the most comfortable office chairs.  The unique structure of this chair is visually stunning, it’s incredibly flexible to conform and support my back and it has most of the knobs and adjustments you’d expect in a premium office chair.  But it’s not perfect with the clunky arm  rests, the uncomfortable seat pan for leg  crossers, and even after sitting on it for  a week I’m still making adjustments to the  lumbar support to get it dialed in just right.

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Comfort and Lumber Support

Instead of the traditional foam cushion padding found on most chairs.  The Herman Miller Embody uses a suspended rubber canvas that’s supported by this plastic skeleton structure.  The fabric, rubber canvas, and plastic support are all flexible to conform to your back to minimize any pressure points, giving you the freedom to stretch and move around while you work.  This is definitely a really comfortable chair experience that I’ve never felt in another office chair.  But getting the back support adjusted properly the first time you sit on it isn’t simple. 

Turning this knob adjusts the upper back support and how aggressive the lumbar support curves into your back.  And it’s this lumbar support that will typically  make or break the experience for most people  with this chair, as it is quite stiff compared  to the rest of the back support and can be  painful in the lower back region the first  time you sit in it.  It took me a couple days before I even felt like I had it adjusted properly.  And even a week later I’m still making minor adjustments to the lumbar support as I get used to the chair.  Also something minor to note with the back support are the squeaks and creaking noise while moving the back around that might annoy  some people on such an expensive office chair. 

Herman Miller Aeron vs Embody Office Chair

Chair Adjustment

let’s see some detail about the chair adjustments found on the Herman Miller Embody. The seat pan depth is a little awkward to adjust with these handles on the front but it works.  There’s a switch on the side to quickly set the tilt limiter at 4 different levels.  And while you can’t lock the chair in a reclined position, the stiffness of the tilt recline can be loosened to make reclining feel effortless.  The height is adjustable like any other chair but uses this joystick toggle instead of a traditional paddle. 

The arm rests are also height adjustable and they also can be moved closer or further away from your body.  But the mechanism is a little clunky.  Also I find the arm rests to be quite large and far forward with no option to move them  back, so for me who likes to tuck in my chair.  They just end up getting in the way most of the time, so I usually just leave them at the lowest setting and never use them. 

Embody Chair Price and Comfort Level

Back to the comfort of the chair.  I already mentioned the back support is really comfortable but the seat pan is also really comfortable too.  The design of seat pan is also quite unique since it doesn’t use the traditional foam padding but a suspended plastic coil spring design.  This combined with the Balance Fabric material makes the chair feel really breathable, which is nice for those people who get warm sitting  on the typical foam padded chairs.  The downside though to this coil spring design is that you can feel the individual components dig into your legs if you don’t sit straight or like to sit crossed legs once in a while  like I do. 

So it’s not ideal for that but I guess it helps encourage you to sit properly in your chair.  In the end, the Herman Miller Embody is truly a unique and stunning looking chair.  While the first time you sit in the chair, it will probably feel a bit odd.  And it will take some time and adjusting to get used to it. The back support is truly one of a kind and is surprisingly one of the most comfortable office chair I’ve experienced that almost  makes the $1500 price tag seem reasonable.

Tips for buying a chair that protects your back

It is necessary to prevent, it is the main advice on health, that is, to sit well. And as a reminder, back problems do not come when you are young, they come with old ages and here the remedy no longer works. So take note of the following tips to buy healthy office chair .

1. Always opt for an ergonomic seat design

What should an office chair design look like? The quick response is “comfortable”. But ergonomics and comfort are actually two different, albeit linked, concepts.

When we talk about a “comfortable chair” it will not reduce our pain, what’s more, so that we DO NOT change our posture for many hours. And there, according to experts, is where the greatest musculoskeletal ailments occur. How do I know if a chair is comfortable for me? .. If the angles of your hips, knees and ankles are not comfortably at 90º, then the chair is too high or too low. All of your joints should remain at 90 degrees.

The study of ergonomics in a chair allows the worker to suffer as few sequelae as possible when sitting and executing his work. The quality chairs are covered by certified ergonomics studies to prevent occupational diseases.

2. You must look at how long you are going to be sitting

At first glance this may seem silly, and in reality, in many cases we do not know. But what we can recognize is that manufacturers approve chairs for the hours that we are going to be sitting. Many computer chairs or gaming chairs are only approved for daily use of 4 hours, instead of the 8 hours normally assigned to those of dispatches.

Above article about herman miller aeron vs embody office chair is best long hour setting in office. An ergonomic chair serves to prevent occupational diseases, but also, we should exercise our muscles throughout the day. It is recommended that at least every 2 hours we get up and perform stretches (back, neck, legs and arms) to avoid overloading the muscles and numbness of the legs due to a lack of blood circulation.

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