Top 5 good computer chairs for gaming

In this article we analysis about top good computer chairs for gaming. When we play, we can spend several hours sitting still, but sometimes we get a nice backache because of its position. This is why we will see together what there is on the market and how to choose a good armchair to play long hours without tiring …

Good computer chairs for gaming

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Most armchairs are not made to hold you well and we can see that the seats for gamers very often have a bucket shape, as in sports cars, to better support your back. Do not laugh with that, because a bad position can cause terrible back and back pain. It can also cause scoliosis or kyphosis, that is to say a deformation of the spine. As a reminder, the sitting position is the most restrictive for the lower back. The gaming industry is always evolving. So there are companies dedicated to making chairs dedicated to the community of players, based on designs quite similar to car seats.

In this case, AKRacing is undoubtedly one of the most popular manufacturers in this market and that is why we are going to make some reviews that will be of your interest if you want to buy one of these great products.

AKRacing K7018 Gaming Chair

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We start with the recommended model for the shortest / thinnest. The model K7 7018 is ideal to create a good posture in the user. While you are sitting at your desk, this chair will minimize any impact that the effort you make during your game session can create on different parts of the body, such as the spine, wrists, neck, shoulders and arms. The K7 basically works as an extension of the spine. Its metal construction is very durable, like all AK Racing and you can have it in optimal condition for many years.

Let’s go into more detail. It has semi-hard foam padding that is really practical because that means it will not have deformations over time of use. The materials are very resistant guaranteeing surface quality. Its angle of adjustment allows you to have a 180 degree backrest to fit your needs. That means you can take a little nap if you want. You may notice that the wheels are of excellent quality, being very complicated to break. They derail to create discomfort when moving or leaving some type of scratch on the floor.

Like all AK Racing, the arm support is very well designed, it is adjustable independently for each side. It also brings its two respective cushions for the lower back and head.

Finally, it is a chair that weighs 25 kilos and has a Gas Lift Class 4 cylinder, the highest class among these pieces. Which are small hydraulic pistons to withstand the pressure of high weights. This means that the AK-7018 can withstand a lot of weight however the recommended weight is up to 100kg.

GT OMEGA PRO Racing Gaming Chair

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GT omega one of the best gaming chairs in uae that’s why we discuss about omega pro series. The most important thing in a gamer chair is functionality and comfort, and all these chairs were made with these two factors in mind. With so many incredible elements it is difficult to resist the chairs that this brand brings us. GT Omega presents a wide range of selections, made to please even the most capricious customer. This brand has created different models that focus on comfort and, of course, the gaming experience.


  • Ergonomic and orthopedic design.
  • 360 degree rotation system
  • 190 degree tilt system
  • Armrest with 4D adjustment
  • Star-shaped base with wheels that allow smooth sliding.
  • Made of PVC leather, fabric, aluminum and plastic.
  • Height adjustment system that makes the chair oscillate between 124 and 132 cm high.
  • Able to resist up to 120 kg.
  • Includes lumbar and head cushion.

In the case of the Pro model we find a chair with a slightly different design in terms of details without losing the characteristic curves of the brand. This chair includes a greater variety of colors than the elite, giving precious combinations. However, in the weight resistance part they are tied with their 120 kg.

Its back is less complex than the previous chair, but that is why it is still very comfortable and ergonomic. It is a favorite among buyers, which makes it one of the most popular among all GT Omega models.

GT OMEGA Sport Racing Gaming Chair

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  • 360 degree rotation system
  • 190 degree tilt system
  • Ergonomic and orthopedic design.
  • Includes lumbar and head cushion, as well as armrests with 4D adjustment
  • Star-shaped base with sturdy wheels.
  • Made of fake leather, aluminum and plastic.
  • Their color combinations are black / red, black / blue, black / white and completely black.
  • Height adjustment system that makes the chair oscillate between 134 and 140 cm high.
  • Capable of supporting up to 150 kg.

The Sport series is a model of excellent quality and good support, just like the GT omega pro. In this case, this chair is more convenient for people who are more than wide looking tall, being the highest among all the above. Continue with the generous measures of the back of the GT omega pro, but it gives a unique twist with the design and shape of this model.

It is focused on giving a sporty touch to your game room with its aerodynamic design. It is an aesthetic and powerful chair made with the best quality materials, and you can buy it in the classic colors of GT Omega. It is a comfortable and ergonomic model, excellently manufactured, so you can play pleasure without fear.

DXRacer Formula Series

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This series is optimal for people between 50 and 100 kilograms. Your height should not be greater than 180cm and not less than 160cm. It comes with a 170 degree reclining backrest, adjustable armrests, a tilt lock, a seat height adjuster, as well as a cushion and lumbar support cushions. This chair is like the base model of this series. The Formula Series would be considered an entry level gamer chair within the dxracer family.

Like all these chairs, it is made of high quality materials, head and lumbar support, adjustable height and angles, tilt mechanism, etc. Many previous buyers speak well of the upper back because it provides much needed back and head support. This seems to be a fantastic chair for those with back problems, since its ergonomic design aligns the body and distributes your weight correctly.

One of the most frequently asked questions is that head rest and lumbar cushioning felt a bit narrow for some people. This is probably because they were bigger people.


Compared to a basic office chair, it may take a while to adapt. It has a firm support structure. However, once you get used to your comfort experience it improves a lot.

DXRacer Gaming Chair Racing Series

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This is best for those who have shoulders and waist widths narrow to medium. The height range is 165cm and 180cm and the weight range from 50 to 100 kilograms. It comes with standard features and also includes integrated footrests in its base. The base is made of nylon or aluminum (depending on your budget) and can support a ton of weight.

Some have recommended this gaming chair for the office as well as for pleasure, due to its ergonomic, effective design and color options. It has a good value for money and has been compared to high-end office chairs such as Herman Miller chairs, which cost almost double the price.


In conclusion, DXRacer gaming chair offers medium and high-end chairs aimed at a demanding public eager to acquire attractive and, at the same time, practical and functional models. Their chairs are ideal for those who do not hesitate to make a good investment in their furniture since they can be a bit expensive but they promise an excellent value for money.

How to choose a chair?

Before such a question you must first question what you are looking for in a chair. Are you looking for the best price, the best size, the most modern design, or perhaps the most comfortable model? After answering this whole series of questions, it will be easy to select the perfect model. There are endless features that make a chair ideal. The rigidity, the quality of the materials, the ergonomics, the accessories that it includes and many others.

If a chair is sought due to health in the posture, then it is important that the chair has cushions or support included in the lower back, as well as a certain level of stiffness that prevents the body from adopting bad positions. The quality of the materials with which it is made will have to do with the length of the chair and how resistant it will be in the long term. If you want a chair that lasts, be attentive to the resistant elements that make it up.

Another factor of importance is the resistance of the chair. It is necessary to take the necessary forecasts with this aspect since, however broad it may be, if it indicates that it is for a weight less than yours it is better to go for the safe. This ensures that the chair will not strain others to remain stable and you can last longer playing time without worrying. Here we discuss all top gaming chairs in uae you can choose and buy from amazon just click on link.

How to choose the right AK Racing chair?

Comfort is key when choosing good computer chairs for gaming. The ergonomics offered by the AK Racing is exceptional. Akracing is also a very popular gaming chairs in uae. However there are some details that vary between their different models. All are designed to avoid any type of stress in your body, but the dimensions should be appropriate for your texture. Who would like to have to get up every 10 minutes to stretch because the chair puts a lot of pressure?

You know your size well and with the reviews we have made, you will know which one will fit your needs. There are different ways of how to support the legs or the width of the back. With these tips, it is at your discretion to select the appropriate version.

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