Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs Comparison

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs

Here we are detailed analysis about gaming chairs vs office chairs. When purchasing a chair for our set up, we may not only consider the different options within the gaming catalog, but we may also hesitate to choose an office chair or a gaming chair. Although it may seem strange, both chairs have different characteristics to offer and it may change your opinion about which one you prefer after reading this article.

Although many players, especially beginners, might think that a normal or office chair can easily replace a Gaming chair, it is important to mention that this is not the case as Gaming chairs offer a completely different use experience.

In this article we will introduce you to the main differences between a common and a Gaming chair so that you can select the chair that best suits you. Also, if you are a beginner, this article will help you see why a Gaming chair is necessary to make your gaming experience better.

Among the beautiful and large armchairs allowing to settle comfortably in front of a computer, we consider that a classification is possible in two categories. On one side are ergonomic office chairs (for workers) and gaming chairs, sometimes also called ergonomic gaming chairs (for those who play video games).

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs Comparison

What is an ergonomic chair?

An ergonomic chair is a chair that physiologically supports a person who is seated at a desk. For this, the chair has a headrest and armrests. The backrest is not flat in principle and the height of the assembly is adjustable.

The goal is to promote a respectful position for your body when you have to spend long periods in a sitting position. The term ergonomic chair is used to designate office chairs optimized for comfort.

What is a gaming chair?

A gaming chair is a chair that allows you to adopt a good position when you sit for a long time. It has a headrest and armrests. It is developed for a clientele of individuals, simple video game enthusiasts or true online gaming professionals. And at the time of conception, the designers have in mind a person who spends several hours seated, without any break at all.

What is an office chair?

We always wonder why buy an office chair if we already have lots of chairs that we can use at home. In fact, it should be understood that an office chair is not at all a simple chair. It is a chair made for the office and to have more comfort when working on it.

The special features are a large back that covers the entire back, a support for the head and above all a comfortable seat. It is made so that you can spend hours there without suffering from your back or neck. This is the difference between an ordinary chair and an office chair. We are talking about more ergonomics.

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs


Of course, ergonomics plays a key role in choosing a gaming chair. The idea is to opt for a chair with a maximum of adjustments, to adjust it to your body, not the other way around! You can spend thousands of hours sitting in your chair, so make sure it perfectly suits your needs.

Some of the most common settings include:

Height adjustment: the minimum for an office chair or gaming chair. You should be able to adjust the height of your chair to suit your height.

Armrest Adjustment: Unlike many office models, gaming-oriented chairs often incorporate fully adjustable armrests. We can adjust the height, move forward or back, or even rotate in some references. An essential point to limit tension in the shoulders, arms and neck.

Tilt: Please note that not all chairs, whether designed for the office or gaming, offer the same tilt capabilities. Two areas of your chair can move, seat and back. Ideally, the two elements can be adjusted independently, and locked if necessary.

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs

From the mid-range, most gaming chairs offer a backrest angle of 180 °, with more or less notches to block this position. Regarding the seat, each model can have a more or less important degree of freedom. Depending on the marks and references, it may be possible to adjust the tension of this rocker, but also to lock it. Feel free to learn about these points as they can clearly differentiate between two player seats.

Seat Adjustment: Often reserved for the best office chair, the seat adjustment allows it to slide horizontally. An additional way to adapt your seat to your morphology, since it will be remembered that, ideally, the seat of your chair will reach the end of your thighs, to the knees.

Size of your chair: last point to consider regarding the general ergonomics of a good gaming chair, its format. Depending on your height, your size or your weight, some models will be more or less suitable. More serious brands generally have directions on these different points, so be sure to check them out. And keep in mind that a comfortable chair for another player may not be for you


While comfort is often associated with ergonomics, two models with equivalent adjustments will not necessarily offer similar comfort. First of all, manufacturers don’t hesitate to compromise on the construction of the seat or backrest, which makes their chairs much less comfortable after a few weeks of use.

If possible, try to check your seat design, which may include, for example, a wooden board (not necessarily ideal) or a suspension system with elastic straps (much better). The density of the foams used will also play a key role in the comfort and longevity of your gaming chair. Opt for a model that is neither too soft nor too dense to get a good compromise between comfort and maintenance.

Even in relation to the comfort of a gaming chair, it will be possible to mention the seat design. Most models opt for a “full” construction, with foam padding and upholstery in leather or imitation leather, while others are oriented towards a mesh back. Even more airy, they provide excellent comfort and limit the feeling of warmth during long gaming sessions such as the Ikea Markus gaming chair.

Durability and materials

The gaming chairs are clearly not given, and it will be necessary to pay special attention to the materials used. Plastic, leather, artificial leather, suede, mesh … All armchairs are not the same! Don’t hesitate to check the comments of different users, especially after a few months of use.

Depending on the model and usage, coatings can quickly deteriorate, foams fall off, or plastics break. Again, pay attention to the first prices, which depend on style rather than robustness. In practice, it will be recommended to invest a little more and guarantee a good longevity for your gaming chair.


Here, it is mostly a matter of taste. As explained in the introduction, most brands are inspired by bucket seats that were previously reserved for motorsports. They ensure good leg and back support during play, but not necessarily to the liking of all users.

Most of the references are offered in many colors, and some brands even offer to customize the chair set text or image of your choice. Many models also adopt the colors of the larger e-Sport teams. If you are looking for a slightly more discreet chair, most of the time we find a completely black color that can be easily integrated into any configuration of your room.

If you’re not necessarily inspired by Racing-style gaming seats, you’ll often have to step away from the gaming world. We found very good gaming chairs, but also at big names like Herman Miller or Noble chair.

Gaming chairs allow us to support the whole body in them

The gaming chairs have a great point in their favor, they have a much more attractive design for gamers and it attracts many more. In addition, most gaming chairs have dimensions that allow us to rest our heads, something that most desk chairs do not incorporate -although some do.

Before, office chairs had a more armchair-style design, but with the passage of time and the advance of ergonomic design, these have been giving up their weight and have become very light chairs with a design totally adapted to our body. Most office chairs have all kinds of ways so that our back does not suffer after sitting for 8 hours (40 hours per week).

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs

If you want a fully ergonomic chair, you should go for the office chairs

Although we spend long hours in our gaming chair, the office worker is much longer in his chair and needs to be able to avoid all kinds of pain at the end of the week. In addition, these chairs do not have an excessively large body and are limited to providing support to certain areas of our body. In the case of gaming chairs, these cover our body completely, allowing us to rest it while we play on our computer or console.

It is not that gaming chairs are not ergonomic, they are also, but not at the same level as office chairs. The gaming chairs gain in comfort, since our whole body is supported by them.

The price totally makes the difference

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs both chairs price totally different. The difference in the level of engineering behind each type of chair is evident in the price, office chairs are much more expensive than gaming chairs, making it clear that they are not intended for all types of users. These chairs can cost 60% more expensive than the gaming chairs that we currently use, being very far from the ordinary user.

Normal chairs vs Gaming chairs

Before entering the comparison points, it is necessary to define what is a Gaming chair and what is a normal chair. Basically, a common chair are all those chairs that we can find in our homes, offices or businesses, it is a chair that only serves to sit.

On the other hand, the Gaming chairs are specially designed with video game players in mind. This because they include both materials and a unique design which is focused on improving the gaming experience of the Gamers by offering them greater comfort and comfort.

Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs

Difference 1: Design

The first difference we can find is the design. This turns out to be one of the most obvious since you do not need to delve into technical data to notice the difference. Although common chairs can have different designs, in reality they change us because they are only focused on one thing, sitting.

The designs of the Gaming chairs are designed to offer a greater experience of comfort because here it is not only about sitting down and now. In addition, in terms of aesthetics we can find that the Gaming chairs have a more risky, sporty, modern design, totally different from that of a common chair.

Difference 2: Materials

Another of the most obvious differences that we can find are the materials with which the chairs are made. A common chair is usually made of wood, metal or plastic, some even incorporate a cushion or pillow on the seat.

The Gaming chairs are not only made with a robust and stable metal frame, they are also lined with high quality materials such as PU synthetic leather which ensures air circulation. In addition, it has high-density foam, or similar materials, which ensures a much more pleasant comfort.

Difference 3: Comfort

The comfort of the Gaming chairs is much more evident. This is due to the fact that a Gaming chair incorporates a design, together with materials, designed both in comfort and in the comfort and ergonomics of the users. A perfect example is that the Gaming chairs, unlike ordinary chairs, incorporate lumbar supports made of high-density memory foam.

In addition, the Gaming chairs, unlike ordinary chairs, have a backrest on the head, foot rests, armrests, among other benefits. All this ensures greater comfort for users, both Gamers and people in general.

Difference 4: Functions

Although we can find common chairs that offer us some other functions such as adjusting the backrest or increasing the height, in reality, none of the common chairs have as many functions as a Gaming chair. That is why this is one of the most obvious differences.

A Gaming Chair offers you functions ranging from adjusting the inclination of the backrest or the height of the seat to being able to accommodate the armrests or lumbar support to your liking. In addition, the most sophisticated Gaming chairs come to include functions such as an electric massager or a ventilating system.

Difference 5: Security

No, with this point we do not mean that the common chairs are unsafe, although of course, the odd one comes to break at the least opportune moment. We mean that common chairs do not have the same security measures as a Gaming chair.

And is that the Gaming chairs incorporate all kinds of measures to ensure that the player is safe and comfortable. For example, they incorporate solid metal frames, stable and strong star-shaped bases, as well as explosion-proof gas cylinders that guarantee load capacities of up to 150 kilos.

Difference 6: Health benefits

It is not the same to spend hours sitting in a common chair than in a Gaming chair . Well, although ordinary chairs may seem comfortable, in the long run their design can generate problems such as back pain or buttock discomfort.

On the other hand, the Gaming chairs have designs specially made to conform to the body, which guarantees that the impact on health from long periods of sitting is much less. Thanks to its lumbar supports, its design, the materials used in its construction and its shape in general, you can say goodbye to discomfort in the back, buttocks and more.

Difference 7: Price

Perhaps this is the point at which common chairs can win, since the price of a common chair, a chair made of wood is much lower than that of a Gaming Chair. That is why many people tend to opt for a common chair when playing video games.

Although this is a mistake, based on price alone is far from an objective and complete evaluation. Although a Gaming Chair has a much higher price, they also offer you many more benefits, more value for your money.

Now you know what chair to buy?

In this case Gaming Chairs vs Office Chairs gaming chair is better then office chairs. No matter you are a beginner, Gaming chairs are for everyone. You can find everything from chairs gaming professional range up chairs gaming cheap low – end for those who want to enter the world of Gamers.

In addition, buying them today is much easier since you will no longer have to leave the house to have your Gaming chair. In addition, buying online will bring you many benefits such as saving time and money, finding many models, excellent promotions as well as being able to pay with different forms of payment.

Stop suffering in traffic or with the lines of the supermarket and take advantage of the benefits of buying Gaming chairs online with us

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