Gaming chair buying guide: which gaming chair to choose in 2020?

Gaming chair buying guide

You are building your set up gamer, you have the screen, you have the PC, the mouse, the keyboard… All that’s missing is the gaming chair! There are quite a few brands on the internet and some are dubious to say the least… So to avoid scams, we offer this gaming chair buying guide. I had the opportunity to test a lot of chairs and it has been several years since I follow closely what is happening on the market of gaming chairs, I have gathered all the info on this page.

The gaming chair is specially designed for gamers to facilitate the adoption of a good position when they sit during long hours of play sessions. For this purpose, these chairs have many adjustments to adjust properly the seat position. Choosing the right seat is therefore not a trivial parameter for the gamer, and requires special care. It is therefore important to know the criteria to take into account to choose the ideal gaming chair that suits you best.

Choosing a quality gaming chair is not a process that takes place in a few moments. In fact, there are a number of parameters to think about in order to buy a quality gaming chair that can especially genuinely relieve your back while allowing you to have equipment that can last over time.

Also, we have organized our gaming chair buying guide around four main themes that we found essential to fully embrace all the issues that you may be facing by taking the process of knowing which gaming seat to choose:

  • Comfort
  • Ergonomics
  • The price
  • Design

Selection criteria best gaming chair buying guide

gaming chair buying guide


The comfort of a gaming chair is obviously at the center of concerns. Nothing is useful to buy a gaming chair if it is not to be able an optimal comfort during its use… That can flow from sources, but it should be known that very unfortunately, there exist models of gaming seats (even large brands (we will not name) which are not efficient in terms of comfort.

In the selection of the best gaming chairs that we have put together for you, we obviously took this essential factor into account. So, here is what you need to know and remember if you are looking to buy a gaming chair that is truly comfortable.

The shape of the seat

Most of the time you will find bucket-shaped gaming chairs. This form allows you to have effective support for your overall position, whether at the back of your neck, your kidneys or more generally your spine.

The sides of the seat with their curved shape are studied to maximize this dimension of support essential to your back. Even if their shape can seem quite strange, we strongly invite you to buy this type of gaming chair, because they are the best and they are the ones who collect the most suffrage from players and consumers in general due of their obvious ergonomics.

The seat structure

The structure of the seat is a fundamental element in the choice of a gaming office chair. To put it simply, the structure of the assistant is as it would say the spine of your gaming chair, and that is why it must be solid. Also, when it comes to buying a gaming desk seat, steel structures are the best possible investment. They allow a firm but comfortable support and offer an unequaled lifespan.

The presence of cushions

Some brands of office gaming chairs have had the good idea to integrate in their office gaming chair a small cushion for the kidneys and another for the neck. The presence of these cushions offers a plus in terms of comfort, especially for that at the nape of the neck.

However, a number of customers testify that the kidney cushion is too much and prefer to dispense with it. Anyway, a model of gaming chair that has 2 cushions is certainly an interesting advantage for all those who would really like to be very comfortably installed, not to mention the relief that their presence implies for your back and neck during your sessions. work or play.

The coating

The quality of the coating determines the life and comfort of the chair. The upholstery of your gaming office chair obviously has a role to play in the comfort of your seat. In this regard, you can find two main categories of fabric, each with its advantages and its faults: leather / imitation leather or fabric.

The advantage of the fabric is that it is soft. However, one of the main pitfalls associated with the use of a fabric covering is its lifespan and maintenance. It is enough that the seams are a little neglected so that after a few months the first wear appears … The shorter lifespan of the fabric is therefore an element to take into consideration when choosing a gaming desk chair.

As far as leather is concerned, one of the main advantages of this material is obviously of an aesthetic nature because the leather gaming chairs are often extremely beautiful. It must be said that leather beyond this advantage has the disadvantage of not being extremely interesting if you plan to spend long hours sitting on your chair.

In fact, the choice of leather for a gaming seat is not one of the most breathable materials there is, but could however be interesting for people who would like to be in contact with a warm covering, in addition to being interesting. in terms of comfort. We also note that the price of leather gaming chairs is higher than that of chairs that have a fabric covering, an important fact if for you the price is a decisive factor in your decision-making.

The ergonomics of the seat and its adjustment

gaming chair buying guide

Difficult to talk about the comfort of a gaming chair without mentioning the ergonomics of the seat and the possibilities that will be offered to you to adjust it. The made to have a posture adapted through the ability to fine tune its gaming seat is a fundamental to ensure comfort during work or play. Beyond the elements that we have mentioned above, it is important to take into consideration the possibilities of adjustments which will be offered to you with your gaming chair, knowing that there again the differences can be important in terms of possible settings between the different models offered on the market. It should also be noted that to have the greatest possible and most precise adjustment possibilities you will have to pay a larger budget for the purchase of your gaming chair.

Here are the main most interesting elements to adjust to best optimize your comfort:


Height control is essential in order to be positioned at the correct height your screen and your desk. This function is present on all gaming seats on the market.

gaming chair buying guide

The inclination of the backrest:

The inclination of the backrests can be more or less important depending on the model, knowing that the more a model will offer a significant tilting capacity and the more you can for example pay for a small sleep session during your days break of work. Certain models of gaming office chairs prove to be very comfortable for sleeping because it has a quality upholstery well padded but also a comfortable seat with for example the presence of a cushion at the nape of the neck.

The inclination of the armrests:

The armrests are a central element for the comfort of a gaming chair. Their role is to contribute to comfort by relieving your back and shoulders of tension. It is also fundamental so that they can fulfill their role properly to adjust them correctly. And in this regard, there are different ways to adjust the armrests according to your desk but also to your size:

  • height
  • adjustment
  • width adjustment – depth
  • adjustment – adjustment with a rotation system

Depending on the number of settings available, you may be faced with different designations used by the brands. If you ever see names like 3D settings or 4D settings, know that these are the devices that will allow you to adjust the armrests as precisely as possible. You will notice that the most expensive models in our ranking of the best gaming chairs incorporate all 4D armrest adjustment.

Locking the backrest: this device can be interesting in order to better control your tension while being in your seat and to have better overall support.

The wheels of the gaming chair

gaming chair buying guide

The quality of the casters is not underestimated because unfortunately it often happens that a model of gaming chair has interesting characteristics in terms of ergonomic comfort but that it is faulty in terms of the use of the casters on the long term. It is quite difficult to judge a gaming chair on this aspect unless you use the approach used for several weeks.

Also, the best way to ensure this parameter is still to read the comments of users who have been able to test this aspect concretely in order to have a real feedback. We have even taken care to synthesize this aspect as part of our selection so rest assured your gaming chairs will roll like clockwork. Ideally, a double roulette system ensures better overall quality.

The price of a gaming chair

You can see by consulting our ranking of the best gaming chairs, that there is a fairly large amplitude of grip between a cheap gaming chair and a high-end gaming chair. The first prices for this type of equipment start from 80$ and can easily go up to several hundred euros for the most high-end models.

Mainly, we note that the difference is made overall in terms of quality in general but also on aspects such as product warranty but also customer service. Also, one of the interesting aspects in the idea of ​​buying a known brand of gaming chair, and the possibility of enjoying proven customer service, a parameter that can come into consideration given that when the you buy a gaming desk seat, it is often with a view to using it intensively.

Overall, among the elements that are most lacking in the gaming desk seats at first price is undoubtedly everything that relates to comfort in general, whether for example the padding used or even simply the overall quality of the seat that can leave something to be desired. We have selected for you the best possible seats for a budget below 200$ but we prefer to warn that for this price, there will be some faults, on aspects such as for example the adjustment of the armrests, the quality of the casters to move or even on the tilt possibilities offered by the gaming chair.

It’s up to you to see what criteria you can sacrifice to justify paying less, knowing that our selection offers you models that will save you time by giving you the best according to your budget.

The design of your gaming desk seat

Even if this is not a fundamental criterion when choosing a gaming chair, it is always more pleasant to have a seat that pleases you visually, especially since many young people buy this type of product and can grant some importance to the aesthetic aspect.

In this context, brands have often thought of offering gamer seat models available in several colors while offering to purchase different models of upholstery for the same range. Be aware however that the coating should be the subject of a reflection because as you can read above it can have depending on whether it is fabric or leather its lot of advantages and its lot of disadvantages.

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