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dxracer gaming chair

Manufacturers are redoubling their efforts to put on the market robust and good quality of dxracer gaming chair review. The gamer chair of the American brand DXRacer, specialist in the design and sale of office automation equipment, is one of the trendiest gaming chairs. The DXRacer Gamer Chair has been specially designed for long games of video games. In addition, it is of very good quality. As proof, this gaming chair is classified in the top 10 of the most sold armchairs on the market which offers more comfort and prestige. If you are looking for an ergonomic chair and you have not yet made your choice, you can rely on this DXRacer iron series gaming chair test to decide.

If you are looking for the gaming chair, our buying and review guide will point you in the right direction. We have taken into account all possible factors to help you make the right decision. In short A good chair is a comfortable, supportive and durable chair.

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Here are some features that make a good gaming chair.

  • Comfort
  • Ergonomic design
  • Adjusting the armrests
  • Locking the backrest
  • Material
  • Unique characteristics

If you are a gamer, you might think that a chair is just a chair, but since you are going to be spending long hours in this chair, it makes sense to find a comfortable play chair in which you can sit for hours. So, if you are a gamer looking for the best gaming chair for desktop or game console games or both, read on. This detailed guide will help you find the chair that is right for you.

Is dxracer gaming chair review best for you?

This chair really lives up to your expectations. It is recommended first for its style and also because it is a pain reliever (for the back and for the joints). For work, it is really essential. If you spend 7 to 8 hours of work a day, this chair is exactly what you need. It provides well-being and comfort from the first use. You will have the impression of receiving back massages each time you lean back. It’s really awesome. The entire seat frame is made of metal and it breathes solid. The Gamer DXRacer chair is durable and highly resistant to falls. For once you are going to find the “lying” position particularly pleasant on a chair model, which is not easy to find elsewhere.

Plus, Point is:

The armchair is very comfortable because it is designed with a combination of cotton and synthetic leather.

  • solid and resistant
  • quality internal materials
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 3D Armrests
  • PU leather cover
  • 90 ° -180 ° Backrest tilt

Strong and resistant structure

The DXRacer chair consists of a solid metal structure and elastic bands supporting dense padding in high quality memory foam. This padding has a full “PU leather” covering (polyurethane coated leather), Also on the program are armrests adjustable in four directions, a reclining backrest from 90 to 135 degrees that can comfortably accommodate. A user measuring two meters; an aluminum leg mounted on 5 3 ” polyurethane wheels (76 mm in diameter), an adjustable gas spring capable of supporting a weight of 150 kg, and finally, the large backrest accommodates a headrest and a lumbar cushion, both removable.

Considering all the materials used to design the DXRacer chair, it is obvious that it is of good quality, and 100% durable. It can accommodate any type of weight without its resistance being shaken. This should relieve most of you.

The armrests are adjustable at all levels: height, orientation, spacing, there is really nothing to say on that side. You can also rock back and forth like rocking chair. This chair is ideal for stretching after long hours of gaming or work. It allows you to enjoy a relaxing time in your office. You will feel like on your house armchairs, certainly with the only difference that these do not give you a possibility to comfortably lengthen your feet at the same time. Treat yourself to this armchair that is safe, flexible and extremely comfortable, especially for your back and buttocks.

DXRacer Iron Series Gaming Chair

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The dimensions of the DXRacer I-series armchair are 75 cm x 40 cm. It weighs 30 kg. The DXRacer brand has designed very designer equipment that appeals to young players and professionals alike. This gaming equipment can also be used as an office chair for work.

All the elements and accessories of the DXRacer chair are well protected in the box. The chair is completely wrapped in very dense foam sheets. Small pieces are wrapped in bubble wrap and small cartons. The DXRacer brand I-Series Gaming chair is subject to a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. This can prove its robustness.

Positioning and Quality

It has a contemporary design and perfect ergonomics. Like almost all gaming chairs on the market, the DXRacer Iron model looks, at first glance, like a sports car seat. It has 2 adjustable armrests in 4 different heights and directions for optimal video game comfort for the arms. These items are not padded. They can be adjusted by applying pressure or pulling on buttons. The armrests can move vertically, horizontally and tighten inwards or outwards.

The armchair also has a backrest whose inclination is also adjustable over an angle of 170 °. To adjust the tilt, simply pull a lever visible on one side of the seat of the gaming chair. The height of the chair can be adjusted using 2 levers located under the seat.

The product base is mounted on 5 sturdy casters that can support a load of less than 150 kg. The latter are dressed in a large notched plastic cylinder so that the base adapts to the sensitivity of the weight. You therefore do not risk tipping over on your chair with this practical accessory.

DXRacer is covered with polyurethane coated leather (PU Leather). This material resists parson liquid with a smooth appearance. If you come to pour your cup of coffee on the chair, you can clean it very easily with a wet sponge. The chair is mainly made of resistant imitation leather. Two cushions: lumbar and for the neck, are delivered with the package.

The primary color of this model is black and you have the choice between several secondary colors such as black, white, red, blue, green or gray. The white gaming chair is the most fashionable. However, regular cleaning is recommended if you choose this model.

Comfort with the DXRacer king read dxracer gaming chair review below

The quality and comfort of this DXRacer brand gaming chair is evident from the first try. The memory foam seat is firm and fits your body perfectly.

The seat does not lose its firmness even after long minutes. This chair is therefore suitable for players who spend more than 5 hours in front of their video games per day.

The cushions, respectively located at the lumbar and nape of the neck, offer more comfort. These supports are made with the same materials and coverings as the chair in question. You can choose to use them or not according to your personal needs and preferences.

The I-Series armchair of the American brand DXRacer Iron is a high-end gaming equipment that offers optimal comfort. This gaming chair stands out for its extraordinary robustness. The material still has significant drawbacks. Compared to other gaming chairs on the market, this one is quite expensive. However, this gaming chair has good value for money.


You will have understood through this test, whether in terms of manufacturing quality, available settings or comfort, the DXRacer iron offering the best on all these criteria.

The strong points

  • Exceptional manufacturing quality
  • Large number of settings
  • Excellent comfort

The weak spots

  • High price but justified

DXRacer Sentinel Series Gaming Chair

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The DXRacer sentinel Series game chair is a chair with a clean look that comes in several styles and color variations. This chair is perfect if you are looking for something that looks sportier. Seats can be purchased with vinyl, fabric or patented racing car seat padding, a luxurious and breathable option. These seats are important in the world of electronic sports, especially in USA and Europe. DXRacer makes stylish seats while keeping ergonomic design in mind.

Positioning and Quality

Most come with lumbar and adjustable, removable and adjustable pillows. The chairs have a flexible backrest that can be adjusted 135 degrees, fully adjustable armrests, a tilt mechanism and a height-adjustable shock absorber. The chair remains very comfortable, even if it is not able to support a weight greater than 100 kg. This is because of its small thickness. However, the cushions of this model are of good quality. These are solid chairs weighing approximately 70 pounds. The added benefit is that you feel like you’re sitting in the seat of a high performance racing car. The back of the chair hugs your back, a cushion for lumbar support and shoulder support minimize the risk of pain after a day of play.


  • Impressive design, a material that looks and feels high quality.
  • Many unique options of sizes and styles, armrests and backrests accommodate players of all sizes.
  • Wonderful tilt function.

About dxracer gaming chair review

DXRacer Chairs started as a manufacturer of racing car seats and later expanded into the gaming market. Their dedication to quality, fresh styles and ergonomics was welcomed by the players. They are now a major player, a respected brand in the gaming community.

They showcase some of the most popular high-end gaming chairs used by gamers around the world. Although it is the entry-level model of the dxracer gaming chair review brand, the fact remains that it is one of the best value for money on the market today. For those who do not know DXRacer gaming chair and DXRacer gaming chair reviews, just know that it is the n ° 1 brand in the world, so it was impossible to make a top 10 without including the Formula Series. For less than 300 Dollar you will have a complete gaming seat with 3D armrests . This functionality is generally reserved for high-end armchairs.

DXRacer Gamer Chair review

Supports electronic sports

If you’re on the competitive gaming scene, you’ve probably seen their seats at major events such as IEM and Dreamhack.

This is something that dxracer gaming chair review really insists on. If it is comfortable for 8-hour play sessions, you can bet it will also be good for office work.

The point is however that they are a supporter of the health-conscious computer use. Formula series gaming chairs are also designed as ergonomic.

If you spend long hours in your new dxracer gaming chair review your back and extremities will be well taken care of. You have a head pillow, a lumbar pillow, Full armrest, back, height and seat controls as well as full spine support.

Models and styles.

Sure, these chairs are expensive, but they do offer a few more reasonable starting models. The thing to remember is that all of these chairs are made with high quality durable materials. You will still need to get rid of the cheaper models. In addition, if you have a favorite eSports organization, you may be able to find a chair in your team’s colors and logo.

dxracer gaming chair review offers more color options then almost all other seat manufacturers. If you want a green, they have it also If you want a passion rose, they will be happy to supply you and will not judge you either.

No matter what type of playroom or theme you put together therefore you can find a chair that fits and lives up to the cool factor.

Reclining feature.

These gaming chairs recline! If you’ve put in a solid four hours and need to kick back for a break, no problem.


You will have understood through this test, whether in terms of manufacturing quality, available settings or comfort, the DXRacer Formula series is also offering the best on all these criteria. In short The DXRacer Formula Series is the entry level gaming chair. This armchair the brand offers a quality and balanced product, at a very reasonable price compared to the rest of its catalog.

The strong points

  • Exceptional manufacturing quality
  • Large number of settings
  • Excellent comfort
  • 3D armrests
  • Good overall impression on the product

Lifetime warranty

The guarantee is generally there to give the sellers credibility with the consumers, but it is not every product, so the guarantee keeps its promises. Other products will offer a margin of two years or more to convince customers to consume the products. As for the dxracer gaming chair review, it offers you an indefinite guarantee, proof that it is credible and authentic. The manufacturers of this product have no fear of the product they market since it offers complete satisfaction thanks to the different materials used in the design of the chairs. Know it, this article would not exist without the requirements of the customers which in fact is a real booster in the work.

Costs too much

Admittedly, the DXRacer gaming chair is overpriced.  With this DXRacer gaming chair review you now know that there are many advantages. It is not reason enough to cost so much. If you really want to enjoy unparalleled comfort and well-being while in the office, it is clear that this chair is essential, but only, you will have to pay the price for such a purchase, because it’s a real investment. But hey, sustainability is still satisfactory, so you can trust it.

In short, this is an excellent chair, if you want to know more check out my review of CLICK HERE

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