Best Reclining Office Chairs with Footrest

best reclining office chairs with footrest

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Today we analysis best reclining office chairs with footrest. Good concentration in the office must first go through good comfort. And here, it is not only a question of computers, but also and above all of armchairs. And if you can afford it, we recommend the most with a model with footrest. For the acquisition of such equipment, it is essential to study a few criteria beforehand, including the degree of comfort offered, the type, the aesthetic appearance as well as the dimensions. We also know that you don’t always have time for research, which is why we recommend the Dowinx gaming office chair. This high-quality model can support a maximum weight of 150 kg and has adjustable armrests. Otherwise, the Ficmax office chair can please you thanks to its tilting system as well as its optimized padding which guarantees your comfort.

What are the best reclining office chairs with footrest of 2020?

When we spend long hours sitting at a desk, using a computer, playing or working, we quickly understand the need to buy a good ergonomic chair that would help us minimize the fatigue and back pain that we end up with. And among the best models of ergonomic chairs, those with a footrest are best appreciated by users because they find that it increases the degree of comfort felt. So before revealing the best models of office armchairs with footstools, here is a summary of the selection criteria.

The first criterion of choice when it comes to an ergonomic chair is the degree of comfort it can offer you. This is determined by the shape of the armchair itself, which must offer good support for your spine, so no more straight back chairs, but also by the quality of the padding, which must be sufficient for the armchair to be soft and solid.

The second selection criterion, which is a criterion that you will determine according to your preferences, is the manual or remote-controlled version to raise the footrest and change the angle of the chair. Then consider the aesthetic aspect of the chair. Do you want a leather or fabric armchair? It is up to you to choose your favorite material because they both have advantages and disadvantages. It is said for example that leather is more beautiful and more durable, but that the fabric breathes better.

Finally, do not forget to take into account the dimensions of the chair, both its width which should suit you and its maximum load which should be able to support your weight. It must also be heavy enough to be stable, but light enough so that you can easily move it.

Healgen Massage Office Chair

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Today we are reviewing the Healgen massage gaming chair.  If you spend long hours or any amount of length of time in Seated in a chair like in an office. I highly recommend finding you a good gaming chair because gamers have figured it out.  They know how to get comfortable in these chairs. And this one’s really cool because it comes with massage. It comes with a massaging lumbar.  It also has a headrest and it has a footrest, and it swivels 360 degrees.

  It’s got a really solid metal base, and it also has a tilting locking mechanism from 90 degrees to 155 degree angle adjuster. So this is an all-around really comfy chair.  It’s got memory foam and Click the link above because it’s gonna give you the best price on Amazon.  You can get it right on Amazon and they have different ones check them out. But this one is very comfortable.  It has the footrest and the headrest. 

It has got an integrated metal frame and you know free replacement or money-back guarantee. So you kind of can’t go wrong if you’re dissatisfied within 30 days on this one on Amazon this particular one the HEALGEN is a great option.

Ficmax Office Chair

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This Ficmax brand chair has an excellent structure, since in its highest position it reaches 135 centimeters. The height of the seat itself reaches 56 centimeters, while the dimensions of the seat itself are 42 by 58 centimeters. Apart from this it must be recognized that the chair supports a weight of up to 120 kilograms.

It reaches a maximum inclination of 150 degrees , without the balance of the person being exposed. It is a really comfortable chair that has the enormous plus of having a massage system on the back and on the surface cushion. It is foam filled and has PVC skin


However, this it can be considered a con, as it must be charged via USB, in addition to not being something that is commonly used. In addition to this, it can be seen that this chair has too short armrests, which reduces comfort.

SONGMICS Office Chair

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The quality of the Songmics gaming chair with footrest is covered with high-quality polyurethane, while it has a high-density sponge that provides maximum comfort. The chair can reach up to 135 degrees of recline.

Perhaps the most criticsable point of this chair is that it is suggested to be used for a maximum time of 8 continuous hours. This indicates that it does not provide a level of comfort as broad as the previous ones. However, this should also be considered as a plus, since 8 hours is more than just a time of activity for a gamer.


The first thing to note about this chair is that it is presented with a very simple design, which does not boast or attempt to be too cumbersome. The truth is that a desk chair appears more than a gaming chair. For a professional gamer and not so demanding in luxury, this could be a best reclining office chairs with footrest, which in turn is reflected in its good price. Even so, the lack of the cushion in the head area could be considered a point against for some gamers.

Dowinx Gaming Chair Office Chair

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  • Sturdy 5-point star base
  • Balancing system and back tilt system that ranges from 90 to 180 degrees
  • Retractable footrest perfect for a nap
  • It has padded and adjustable arms
  • Certified gas piston capable of supporting 150 kg
  • High-density foam padding for greater comfort
  • Includes head and lumbar cushion
  • It has a height adjustment system
  • Includes integrated massager with USB power supply
  • Covered with PU leather

This chair features a slightly slimmer design than the previous one while remaining strong and durable. Although it has less weight resistance, it has armrests that adjust depending on your taste as well as its height.

In addition, its powerful base gives a feeling of security even with the footrest deployed and the backrest in a position of 180 degrees, you will not have to worry about falling while taking a deserved rest in this chair.

It is a perfect chair for young gamers and children who are starting to play, this chair ensures a correct posture at all times with its lumbar and headrest cushions and although it has a lesser variety of colors, it is a quite aesthetic model that is very cool.


Note that to be categorized as an ergonomic chair, certain criteria are required. These criteria are precisely defined by several organizations including the Canadian standards association CSA.

First of all the seat height must be adjustable and the seat must be padded. The backrest must have an adjustable tilt angle and its height must reach the shoulder blades. The armrests should also be adjustable in height and ideally in a closed loop.

Then, for stability, it should be on 5 wheels and the adjustment controls should be accessible and easy to use. Finally, we talk about tension in the file that we must be able to readjust.


As the most important criterion after upholstery, the inclination of the chair is subject to several criteria.


The tension of the backrest is precisely this small spring which allows tilting without control to adapt to the body. In no case should the backrest be rigid so as not to hurt the back. The backrest must therefore have good spring tension.


For the most sophisticated armchairs, the backrest must be able to make several angles according to the choice of the user. The backrest tilt must be independent of the seat, like very comfortable car seats. The control must be simple, accessible in a seated position and easy to use, not rigid.


The tilting of the backrest independently of the seat must not detach the backrest from the seat either. Indeed, there is also a small tilting using clips of both at the same time.

best reclining office chairs with footrest


That said, we naturally wonder if the chair is supposed to improve posture, why we should buy it reclining. In fact, it’s for several reasons, but mainly…


We don’t all have the same shape or the same morphology. Suddenly, for some, tilting the backrest a little back can be beneficial to the lumbar in the perspective where it relieves them of the pressure they undergo.


Spending several hours in the same position can hurt even if the chair is very comfortable. You can take a short break without leaving your desk by stretching back a little which is only possible with a reclining chair.


For some armchairs, you can tilt them until it becomes horizontal. When you can no longer work but you can not have access to a bed, just take a nap or just lie down and close your eyes on the spot.

What should a gamer chair have?

When choosing a chair, you should not only focus on how beautiful and cool it is. Although this is a factor that you should not leave out, it is important to verify the following aspects:

How firm and ergonomic is the seat?

Firmness and ergonomics are the main functions of the seat, it makes no sense to buy a very nice chair that does not provide support. The chair must be firm enough to avoid long-term deformations.

Does it have good weight support?

Safety is an essential factor in a chair, it is important that it is able to support all your weight without straining or damaging the gas piston.

Is it flexible enough?

Flexibility is a key element in a gamer chair, the level of flexibility of the same indicates the quality of the model, and an inflexible chair can break with some sudden movement.

Do you have the necessary accessories?

Among the main accessories we find armrests, ergonomic cushions, footrests, and any other element that makes the chair more practical. You should inquire about these items before making a purchase, in order to make a good choice that suits your tastes and needs. The main factors that a good gamer chair should have are:

best reclining office chairs with footrest

The base: Preferably star-shaped so that it is able to distribute weight equally and stability to the chair.

The backrest: It must be ergonomic and adequate to provide support for the lower back and neck.

The seat: It must be resistant and with a form that adapts and supports the body.

Armrests: They must give good reach and support. It is very good that they are adjustable since they adapt to your size and allow a better posture.

Why should you buy a gamer chair?

As it has already been mentioned, using an ergonomic chair causes problems in your health and can drastically change your lifestyle. After so many years playing video games on consoles and computers in a bad position, many people have begun to feel the consequences of bad posture when sitting down.

Gamer chairs are responsible for keeping your body comfortable while you play or work, however it is important to keep your body active. It is vital that every 45 min sitting you take a short break to stretch your body, in this way you will avoid cramps and any other type of discomfort.

Dowinx chairs have the fantastic feature of including a built-in massager that you can easily connect to the computer with its USB power supply. This massager helps to avoid pain and relieve tiredness accumulated by day-to-day stress. This brand is recognized for being one of the cheapest on the market and has good customer service, these chairs will ease your pocket and provide a very good quality.


The essence of these tilting gaming chairs is more focused on PC gamers. Although good, it is not written that it cannot be used for fans of video game consoles. To make an in-depth analysis of these products we decided to expose both the pros and cons of each of these chairs.

When choosing the best reclining office chairs with footrest you have to look at various aspects, beyond its price and quality of materials. The essence will always be found in observing functionality. That is, value to what extent the chair responds to the comfort that the gamer expects to live.

The head cushions and the lower back area can contribute significantly to your comfort, although it can also impose conditions that go against your usual postures, despite the fact that over time you will get used to the orthopedic effect they promise.

The fact that a chair of this style is reclining 180 degrees should also be considered, since the gamer often takes breaks to breathe and relax.

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