Best PC Gaming Chairs Under 100 Dollar

best PC gaming chair under 100

In this article we round up this top best PC gaming chair under 100 Dollar. Do you want to know which gaming chair to choose? I am often asked by email which gaming chair to choose. So, I have put together a list of some products that you should look at if you want to buy a gaming chair.

Comparison of Best PC gaming chair under 100$:

If you have less than 100 Dollar to put then there are not many products to turn to. You have to keep in mind that at this price, you won’t be able to get much in terms of functionality.

That said, there are still viable options, and which may have an interest in certain situations. For example, for a child or a teenager who just wants to play Fortnight from time to time, these are absolutely correct products.

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Furmax gaming chair

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  • Maximum capacity: 280 pounds
  • Cover: High quality PU leather
  • Backrest: fixed (centered tilting)

For a person of average height, the curvature of the backrest and the width of the seat are suitable. The back adapts to the shape of the chair. Everything has been done to avoid back pain and collapsing of the columns. The consistency of the fabric does not in any way interfere with comfort. It is also a guarantee of stability with its clean lines.

In short: With this Furmax model, managed to offer a product that is both low-cost and it is best PC gaming chairs under 100 without making us feel the lack of quality. Metal frame, completely correct finishes, capacity of 280 pound. This is certainly a low-end product but not necessarily of poor quality.

Good points

  • The price: very attractive, which makes it accessible to everyone.
  • Manufacturing quality: very acceptable
  • The design: the armchair is rather pretty to see.

Conclusion: If you have a kid who likes to play Fortnight all day, buying an armchair like this will do just fine. If it is for an adult make sure that he can fit in this chair. But in general, someone of average height and build will not have a problem.

Desino Gaming Chair

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  • Capacity: 300Lb
  • Armrests: Fixed
  • Backrest tilt: Rocking chair function with lock.
  • Cover: High quality PU leather

In short:  Cheap good quality gaming chairs, this DESINO “brand” armchair is also an excellent option. The DESINO is a cool gaming chair, which has a racing inspired look. The chair is made of PU leather, which is both easy to clean and comfortable.

Lightweight construction makes it easy to move around the chair without sacrificing quality. Overall an entry level game chairs that will look great in any player’s bedroom. Its main asset? Not only is it even cheaper than the previous model, but on top of that it is available in several colors.

Good points

  • The price: extremely attractive, it’s difficult to have even less…
  • Maximum capacity: correct especially for an armchair at this price, with 120 kg you are sure that the piston will not let go.
  • Cover: High quality PU leather.
  • Price: Best PC gaming chairs under 100

Conclusion:  Like the previous model, this DESINO chair is made for short-term uses  if you are an adult. However, I think these kinds of chairs are perfect for children and pre-teens who spend a lot of time playing video games.

Homall Gaming chair

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  • Capacity: 260lb
  • Armrests: Fixed (but retractable)
  • Backrest tilt: Rocking chair function with lock.
  • Cover: PU leather
  • Seat tilt: yes

In short:  This Homall brand armchair is a little more expensive than the previous models, but I think it has it place in this list, because it offers a functionality that they do not have. This does not bring much in terms of ergonomics but it allows you to get rid of the armrests if you do not use it. We also have a little more in terms of quality, with a better gas piston that can support up to 260lb. Nothing exceptional but it’s always taken.

Good points

  • Manufacturing quality: best in class
  • Maximum capacity: at the top, with 260lb you are sure that the piston will hold whatever your size.
  • Armrests: they are retractable which frees up space

Conclusion:  I remain a little mixed compared to this product, on the one hand it has good characteristics (maximum capacity of 260lb) but the price of this armchair which is in the neighborhood of 100 Dollar, makes me say that if you can find best PC gaming chairs under 100 than this chair is not for you.

Adding 50 Dollar more you will have a real gaming chair that will be much better than this one. I can only recommend it if you see it on specials, otherwise go to the next category.

Best Office Gaming Chair

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  • Maximum capacity: 150 kg
  • Armrests: 2D
  • Cover: Fabric
  • Backrest Max tilt: 150 °
  • Seat tilt: yes

In short:  And yes, I can’t help it if the gaming chairs they offer are really good for their price! After all, the models are not necessarily very interesting. But this is one of the good surprises. But if I had to choose a best pc gaming chairs under 100 dollar it would be this.

Good points:

  • Fabric covering: very correct and allows the skin to breathe.
  • The price: A real gaming chair and best PC gaming chairs under 100
  • The design: Very correct size armchair.

Negative points

  • No PU leather version
  • Dimensions: if you have a large size, it is not this chair there that I advise you to buy.

Conclusion:   If you are looking for a cheap gaming chair, this is the product that I recommend to my readers. On paper, it’s excellent value for money, with these 2D armrests provided. However, be aware that the quality will not be the same as at DXRacer or AKRacing which have their own manufacturing plants.

Benefits of having a cheap gaming chair

Those who have a cheap gaming chair in their games space are witnesses of the multiple advantages that its characteristics bring. A chair that allows the backrest to recline up to 180 could represent maximum comfort that no other chair could give players.

cheap good quality gaming chairs Best PC gaming chair under 100

These types of chairs do not usually have very high prices and therefore are accessible to anyone. Its cervical and lumbar pads are very helpful. All this so that the player gets the most ergonomic position possible. Also, you can take care of your body’s health while spending hours in front of the computer.

How to choose a good gaming chair?

Many people enjoy the good times they spend with their loved ones playing their favorite video games. For these moments to be memorable it is necessary to sit on a suitable chair and that is why the gaming chair exists. So, the time has come for you to learn how to buy a better value for money gaming chair. Thanks to our buying guide for the best gaming chairs, you can make a great deal!

The dimensions and quality of the padding

Our first advice, if you want to make a good purchase in terms of gaming chair, is to check the dimensions of the furniture as well as the quality of its upholstery. It’s about your comfort when playing and that’s why you shouldn’t neglect these aspects.

For dimensions, the best would be to choose a chair capable of adjusting to your body, in this way, regardless of the location of the chair, you will always be at ease. Do not forget to check if the chair has armrests and a headrest to increase comfort.

Best PC gaming chair under 100 cheap good quality gaming chairs

Always related to comfort, you must ensure that the backrest and the seat of the chair are well padded. The best is to rely on natural padding, because it easily follows the forms, but if you want to have a firm chair, choosing synthetic padding will be a good alternative.

Above all, take your time to check these parameters and decide about best PC gaming chairs under 100. Also to choose the design that you like. This kind of furniture is quite expensive so take your time to make sure you make the best choice. Do not hesitate to opt for a model on the floor if you have a decoration that allows it, and prefer the height-adjustable models if you intend to use it as an office chair as well.

The upholstery of the armchair

The choice of upholstery is also very important, because it depends on its durability over time and also its ease of cleaning. So, if you like to clean your furniture, choose a model made of real leather or imitation leather, they are easy to clean and endure the wear of time. On the other hand, if you are against excessive consumption of animal products, a fabric gaming chair will make you happy.

Best PC gaming chair under 100 cheap good quality gaming chairs

When you have determined what you really need, you can finally start the process of finding the place to buy a new gaming chair. Choosing such a product is very personal, so take the time to question your tastes and what you expect from such a piece of furniture.


What makes a good cheap gaming chair?

Obviously, the most important component of a cheap gaming chair is a very low price. But what can you really get below $100? What do you do when you see that the prices of gaming chairs of a brand like DXracer start from $200 and more? Take a look at our comparison of low and mid-range chairs to get an idea of ​​what is possible

What to look for when buying cheap good quality gaming chairs?

In order for you to sit for hours, your body needs to be properly supported. So when choosing any gaming chair, cheap or not, you still want to make sure you find the correct seat height. Also important are the width and depth of the seat, the lumbar support and a high backrest.

Where to buy a cheap gaming chair?

Although it is possible to find interesting offers of chairs for gamers in hypermarkets, department stores and electronic and computer stores , the lowest prices are usually found on the internet. The advantage is the lower prices but a disadvantage is that you cannot try it before the purchase. So make sure you choose a chair that fits your measurements.

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