Best Office Chairs for Sciatica in 2021

best office chairs for sciatica
best office chairs for sciatica

You are probably wondering about the best office chairs for sciatica and bad backs. It is vital to choose a comfortable office chair because we spend an average of 9.3 hours sitting per day, more than the time spent sleeping (7.7 hrs/day). However, the sitting position is not natural in humans, which can damage our bodies over a long period of time.

In order to avoid many illnesses like chronic back pain, it is important to know how to choose a comfortable chair or office chair. A good office chair must be comfortable and ergonomic. We wanted to make this short guide to help you select the best office chair for you and your body type, the one you will spend a lot of time with.

An ergonomic position is first and foremost a dynamic posture that allows you to move. Mobility in the office chair promotes blood circulation. Leaning back regularly limits pressure on the intervertebral discs and relieves muscle tension.

Listed Best Office Chairs for Sciatica

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SONGMICS Office Chair

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The Songmics has a broad shape for the shoulders and is totally suitable for an ergonomic office chair.

The backrest and the headrest form a single unit and have a height of 29.9” (76 cm). The chair can measure from 44.9”- 48” (114-122 cm). The adjustment is done using an anti-loosening screw so that everything stays in place.

In addition, the seat can tilt between 90 and 110 °. It’s a relaxing swing, to change your mind because the angle between the seat and the backrest remains the same. There are no adjustments possible for the armrests, although they are foldable, that is to say, that they can be placed along with the backrest.

Some reviews on Amazon mention that this chair is suitable for obese people. The maximum load is 330lb (150 kg), the seat is wide enough 21.3″L x 20.1″W (54 x 51cm), and armrests are completely covered in case of need. The set is solid, inspires confidence, and actually holds up well without squeaking or changing settings.

The cover is in PU, with a synthetic leather look. It is an easy-to-maintain material. The casters are also made of polyurethane and they are silent. The foot has a diameter of 70 cm, it is composed of 5 castors and it offers excellent stability, both for working and for rolling the seat while sitting on it.

  • Caters to larger sizes
  • Flip-up armrests
  • High back
  • Hugs your body
  • Quiet casters
  • Easy maintenance
  • With so much comfort and cushioning this might be one of the best office chairs for sciatica
  • Not leather

mfavour Ergonomic Office Chair

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Here is an ergonomic chair that really adapts to everyone and supports the back properly. The mfavour seat offers a wide range of adjustments and is particularly recommended for people measuring 143 to 183 cm and weighing less than 200 kg.

The size of the backrest alone is 45 cm and it is surmounted by a headrest whose height is adjustable (up to 12 cm) as well as its inclination. The back tension adjustment can be changed from 90 to 120 °. Lumbar support also adapts to everyone. The armrests are modifiable in 3D, i.e. from top to bottom, front to back, and on a rotation angle of 30 °.

The same model is available with 2D armrests only. The height of the seat can be changed to be between 42 and 52 cm from the ground. The modifications are done in a fairly intuitive way and they are then locked in order not to move. There are still two levers at hand to act on the height and inclination of the backrest.

The seat is comfortable and thick. The cushion is 7 cm high. The cover is in a breathable fabric to allow you to work 7 or 8 hours a day without a problem.

The seat is 360 ° rotatable. It is mounted on 5 rigid rubber wheels, which themselves can turn in all directions. The movement of the seat is discreet. The general quality inspires confidence at first glance, which is confirmed over the months. On the assembly side, the product instructions are clear and additional screws are included.

  • 3D armrests / 7 cm cushion
  • Max 200 kg
  • 2D armrest
  • Adjustable headrest
  • Lumbar support
  • None

SONGMICS Office Chair with High Back

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The SONGMICS OBG24B office armchair is a chair that is not very changeable and therefore not totally ergonomic, but very comfortable. For example, the armrests are fixed. On the other hand, it has a thick, comfortable, and enveloping padding.

The total seat height varies from 114 to 124 cm. The backrest measures a total of 76 cm. There is no real headrest and people taller than 1.75cm will not be able to rest their heads. The seat is 50 cm deep. There is 10 cm of variation for the height of the seat and this makes it possible to find what suits everyone best. Thus the top of the seat can be positioned between 47 and 56.6 cm from the ground. The maximum weight supported is 150 kg.

The cover is made of PU, it is polyurethane, a material that gives a leather-look, but which is very easy to maintain. Everything is black, sober, and professional.

For the backrest, there is enveloping double padding. And this padding is a high-density sponge. This means that you are well installed and that the seat does not sag over the hours. The wheels are also made of polyurethane, that is to say solid, but in a soft material that will not damage the floor. They slide easily on any type of ground.

It is possible to tilt the backrest while moving, up to 20° back. It is then possible to lock the position of the backrest and maintain it permanently. In addition, it is always possible to independently purchase lumbar support to adapt it to this chair if you feel the need after a few weeks of testing.

  • Variable height of 10 cm
  • Thick padding
  • Easy to clean
  • Seat 50 cm deep
  • Easy assembly
  • Fixed armrest

But then which ergonomic office chair to choose?

To guide you and get an idea of ​​what an ergonomic chair has to offer in concrete terms, here are the features and prices of a selection of three iconic, high-performance ergonomic professional office chairs. This chair for working represents the best office chair on the market.

This ergonomic office chair is suitable for intensive and/or daily use:

  • To adapt to young and old, the seat height is adjustable.
  • Locking the backrest on several levels and adjusting the backrest tension to adapt to the different work phases.
  • You can easily Height adjustment of the armrests for the classic Aeron.
  • Front tilt option that accompanies the user’s back to maintain back support.

Herman Miller Classic Aeron

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The Aeron ergonomic office chair combines an in-depth knowledge of human-centered design with cutting-edge technology. With more than 7 million units sold, the Aeron Miller Herman task chair remains the benchmark for ergonomic comfort more than 20 years after its debut.

The Aeron is the only one to exist in several sizes. It thus adapts as finely as possible to all body types. Very large and small will find their happiness there.

The new Aeron chair has everything in the appearance of the classic Aeron. But in reality, everything has been redesigned and redesigned to take into account new advances in ergonomics and technology.

The Aeron is designed for all body types (sizes A, B, and C) and is ideal for long-term use. A comfortable ergonomic office chair even for tall people.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Which office chair to choose for back pain?

The choice depends on how many hours you spend sitting per day, but also on your preference. It is therefore essential that you try out several ergonomic seats yourself before deciding. Do you like the headrest? Do you feel cramped on a seat of this size?

In addition, it may be necessary to discuss this with your doctor or osteopath, as they will allow you to know precisely where the source of your pain is located. So a professional eye will allow you to see if lumbar support is essential or if you need a synchronous rocker instead.

How to stand in front of a computer?

A good position in front of a computer is possible after improving the ergonomics of the workstation. That is to say that the height of the seat and that of the desk, the position of the desk lamp, the distance from the keyboard, and the position of the screen in relation to your gaze must be taken into account.

You must first position yourself correctly and then change the position of the computer. The eyes should be facing the screen, without straining the neck. Your hands should be positioned correctly on the keyboard, with the elbows forming a 90 ° angle. Finally, don’t forget to take a break at least every two hours.

How to adjust your ergonomic office chair?

Adjusting the ergonomic chairs is an essential step to make the most of the qualities of the seat. Indeed, the seat will not be able to do anything if you yourself do not adapt it to your morphology.

It starts with the height of the seat, which changes by standing in front of the seat. The top of the seat should reach the back of your knees. From there, you must then adjust the height of the desk to have a good position. Then you have to position the backrest so that it gently supports your back when you are sitting upright. The last items to adjust are the armrests.

We hope this answers which best office chairs for sciatica are best for you. Also check out our Gaming chair buying guide: which gaming chair to choose in 2020?

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