Best Office Chairs For Hip Pain and Lower Back

Best Office Chairs For Hip Pain

Back problems can affect your quality of life. This is especially troublesome if you experience back pain while sitting next to your computer and working. This is a common problem for office workers who spend eight or more hours sitting at their workplace. That is why designers all over the world are offering specialized office chairs for this problem. But the question is – what is the best office chairs for hip pain?

This is the answer we are looking for in this article. Take a look at our in-depth reviews and learn more about the top rated units available on the market. If you want to learn more about office chairs, our buying guide will tell you all about the features to look for when you have hip pain. All you need to do is take your time and carefully analyze everything. This way, you will easily find a unit that meets your expectations.

Listed Best Office Chairs For Hip Pain

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AmazonBasics office chair

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Assembling this office chair is straightforward as the whole process takes four steps and less than ten minutes. The chair is made of bonded leather and looks classy and elegant. This makes it suitable for executives looking for a unique piece of furniture for their office.

The five-point base provides stability and the 360-degree swivel ensures that the casters can move in any direction. The pneumatic height adjustment is user-friendly and you can find the right position in seconds.

The chair has a capacity of 125 kg, which is extremely generous. And although the construction is sturdy, the cushion could compress if people troubled by extra pounds sat on the chair for a long time. This could compromise your comfort, but you can solve it by giving the cushion time to return to the starting position. Overall, this office chair can be a good choice if you have back problems.

Mfavour high back office chair

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Mfavour has designed a chair that focuses on the needs of those with back pain. The tilt function allows you to adjust the chair by tilting it. Thanks to this, you can choose an upright position when working, or choose another angle during leisure.

The headrest is also adjustable and provides additional support for the back. Although it helps to easily find an optimal position, the construction of the headrest is not that strong. It may seem a bit wobbly and you may need to readjust it every now and then.

The chair is user-friendly because it has a single lever that changes the inclination of the backrest and the height of the seat. The manufacturer chose a mesh material for the chair, and it is quite comfortable. The armrests are also padded and the PU casters are tough enough for any surface.

Hbada office chair

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Hbada has designed an office chair that looks nothing like other chairs. Its black and white color scheme might look a bit odd, but it is sleek and classy. If you are looking for creative design solutions and something different for your office, this is the chair for you.

The armrests can be folded up when you don’t need them. This makes this chair suitable for offices and office workers. The five point base will provide the necessary stability. The backrest curve features an S-shape for optimal support and a 360 degree swivel allows the casters to adjust smoothly to any surface.

You will need to assemble the chair, which takes time and effort. Fortunately, the instructions are clear which means a lot because the product has an unusual design. You can use the pneumatic mechanism to adjust the height of the seat, and the chair has 120 degree tilt tension.

SONGMICS office chair

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Although this is an entry-level chair, it looks chic. This is due to the classic black leather used and the modern stitching adds to the aesthetic value of the product.

The chair has a capacity of 150 kg and offers many adjustments available. You can choose the desired seat height between 42 and 52 cm and take advantage of the large seat and generous space in the back.

The product is easy to assemble and you will receive an installation manual to help you. Songmics also made sure their chair was both light and stable. Combined with the casters, this makes it very portable. The base and overall construction are sturdy to prevent potential accidents.

The cushioning is not that generous, which is why the comfort level may drop over time. However, this is an office chair with an affordable price, and one that makes the moderate padding understandable.

Ergohuman high back swivel chair with headrest

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Our last suggestion for an office chair to counter back pain is this high end model designed by Ergohuman (hjh office). The manufacturer has designed each component with care and used high quality mesh to ensure maximum comfort.

It should be noted that you can sit down and then adjust the height of the seat with the adjustable cylinder. The lumbar support is also changeable and the product comes with a headrest. Thanks to this, the chair is suitable for users of different heights. As for the weight capacity, it is limited to 120 kg.

The chair offers eight different settings, which means you shouldn’t have a problem finding an optimal position. The breathable seat promotes blood circulation and the chair is very stable.

The great thing about this chair is that it is environmentally friendly since the manufacturer made it from recyclable materials. It also has a certificate in accordance with BIFMA/ANSI standards.

Office chair buying guide for back pain

Not all office chairs are the same, which means that some of them are better suited if you suffer from back pain. In this buying guide, we focus on the features that a chair should have to help you with back problems. You will also learn more about the causes of back pain at work, as well as how to fight it.

What to consider when buying an best office chairs for hip pain?

We’ll start with a list of factors you need to consider if you suffer from back pain and continue with other important features to look at when choosing an office chair.

It all starts with the file

It’s no surprise that back support is at the top of your list if you need a chair that minimizes back problems. It is important to note that you can choose between high, medium and low back chairs. Those with a high back are the most expensive, and items with a low back are generally the most affordable.

While low-back chairs can save you money, they rarely come with a generous back. They focus on cushioning the lower spine and the lumbar parts of your back. If you sit for hours, you might experience discomfort and pain.

High-back chairs offer the most generous support as they spread out high enough to support the low and middle spine, and even the head and neck. All of these are interrelated and important in minimizing back pain.

In addition, you can find chairs with fixed and adjustable backrests. The latter is more versatile and multiple settings allow you to find the ideal position for your size and preferences. Chairs with fixed backs and lumbar support can also help, but be sure to confirm that they meet your needs first.

Lumbar support

The most common back pain is in the lower back. That is why manufacturers pay special attention to this part when designing the lumbar support.

You can choose between items with fixed and adjustable lumbar support. Take a look at our ergonomic office chair reviews to find units that give you enough freedom to find suitable positions when you’re sitting for hours.

The importance of armrests

If you lift your hand off your body and hold it for ten seconds or more, you start to feel pain in your shoulders and back. The same approach applies when you are sitting in your chair. If you cannot put your hands comfortably on the armrests, sooner or later you will experience pain.

The first thing to do is for the armrests to be adjustable. If you need to move the chair closer to the work surface, the armrests can be a problem. That’s why chairs that allow the chairs to be turned down and out of the way can also be a good choice. Finally, make sure that padding is present to ensure optimal comfort.

Is the seat height adjustable?

Another thing that could affect back pain is the position of the seat. The general rule of thumb is that the screen should be aligned with your eyes so that you don’t have to look up or down, causing your head to pop out of its default position.

Most office chairs are height adjustable. However, analyze the lower and higher settings to make sure they match your height and workspace. Besides the head position, make sure your feet are touching the ground. Your knees should be at a 90 degree angle and avoid holding them higher than that.

Although it depends on your preferences, here are the general guidelines for adjusting the seat height:

  • People around 5’0 “should adjust the seat height between 14 and 16”.
  • Those that are around 5’5 “tall should stick to settings between 16-18.”
  • People over 6’0 “should use a heat setting higher than 19.”

Why is tilt also important for an office chair?

Imagine this scenario – you need to get something from a desk behind you or access a remote area of ​​your workspace. Whether you move backward or forward, a chair with a built-in recline will move with you. This way you get the support you need regardless of the seat angle.

Besides the built-in free recline, you can also look for chairs that allow you to lock them in just one position. This way you make sure that the chair does not move to the position that is right for you. Feel free to check out our guide to the best recliners to learn more about selecting recliners.

Remember the weight capacity

Another thing to consider when choosing an office chair is its weight capacity. You want to make sure that the product can comfortably support your weight. The majority of office chairs have a weight capacity of between 120 and 160 kg. If you are dealing with a few extra pounds, make sure the chair can support a little more than what you currently weigh.

What material is used for the chair?

Materials can dramatically affect comfort. The most common choices among office chair manufacturers include mesh, leather, and textiles.

The general rule of thumb is that mesh chairs are the most affordable and can provide decent comfort. Leather and textile chairs are considered to be first class and their price could be higher. However, they offer great comfort and a stylish look.

Generous padding is also an important factor if you want to feel comfortable in your chair. This is especially true if you suffer from back pain and have to sit in your chair for hours.

Does the president have the necessary stability?

Finally, you should consider the stability of your office chair. This comes from a sturdy construction and a solid foundation. Bases that offer five-point support offer better stability than four-prong ones, although the support also depends on the material.

The casters are usually made of PU and offer 360 degree swivel. Thanks to this, you can move easily in your chair. However, please note that some casters are better suited for specific surfaces. That is why you should consider where you plan to place the chair and choose the casters accordingly.


We’ve come to the end of our post on office chairs and commenting on minimizing back pain. As you can see, lower back pain can be a serious, chronic problem that comes and goes frequently. It is important that you exercise and stretch regularly, and take good care of your health by maintaining regular physical activity.

However, finding the  best office chairs for hip pain  is the first step in minimizing these issues. There are many features to consider, but the most important are related to the backrest, headrest and armrests. You can find the optimal position of your chair with ergonomics, so make sure the product comes with all the necessary adjustments.

We hope that the knowledge you have gained from our buying guide is sufficient to help you find the ideal chair for your needs. Once you have chosen a suitable product, you should see improvement and quickly feel relief from back pain.

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