Best Gaming Chairs Under 300

Best Gaming Chairs Under $200

Looking for the best gaming chairs under 300$? We understand you! If you spend long hours behind your desk like us, enjoying good comfort and above all good support is essential if you want to relieve your back.

In this guide, we invite you to discover a selection of the best current references, with chairs between 200 and 300 $ depending on your budget.

You will also find all our advice for choosing the right gaming chair and the criteria to take into account during your research.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 300

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DXRacer Gaming Chair

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Impossible to make a selection of the best gaming chairs without listing a product from DXRacer. A pioneer in the sector, the manufacturer has largely participated in the democratization of Racing- style seats.

The Formula F11 model is positioned in the middle of the range, with a price between 250 and 300 €. It adapts to medium sizes and displays a good build quality. You can choose between a fabric or imitation leather covering, with dozens of colors available.

We find all the usual adjustments, with 4D armrests, lifting system or even tilting the backrest horizontally.

  • Breathable mesh and fans to keep you cool.
  • Entire parts of the chair are highly adjustable.
  • Wide seat and memory foam padding for maximum comfort.
  • It lacks a footrest which can make the full recline uncomfortable.

AKRacing Core Series Gaming Chair

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finding the most comfortable gaming chair can be a huge challenge as their options are severely limited by the chairs’ maximum weight capacity. The AKRacing Masters series is a great option in this regard, as it has a maximum weight capacity of 200 kg. However, besides the maximum weight capacity, this chair has more to offer.

The entire gaming chair is covered with high quality PU leather, which is easy to clean and guaranteed to last at least five years. In addition, the metal structure is wide and covered with an anti-corrosion coating. The cold-hardened high-density foam padding also ensures maximum comfort and protects the metal structure from damage. Virtually every part of the chair can be adjusted to suit your comfort.

For example, the 4d armrests can be adjusted in four different directions. The height of the chair can also be adjusted. Plus, you will get full 90-180 degree tilt. This chair can therefore be adjusted for work, rest or sleep. This chair weighs 26kg, but is priced higher and is definitely not suitable for gamers on a budget.

  • The maximum weight capacity is 200 kg.
  • Entire parts of the chair are adjustable.
  • Cold cured foam for maximum comfort and durability.
  • Heavy weight may limit use.
  • Very expensive for gamers on a budget.
  • It lacks a footrest which can make the full recline uncomfortable.

VERTAGEAR Racing Series Gaming Chair

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There are many factors that can affect the comfort of a chair. However, it is the Vertagear Racing series that ticks the most boxes in this regard. It has a sturdy steel frame covered with high density resilience foam which is very comfortable. It is also equipped with a headrest and additional lumbar pillows made of memory foam. The fans located under the headrest allow for good air circulation which keeps your back cool during long hours of play.

The essence of the high backrest is to provide support for the lower back, shoulders and neck. In addition, the 5 star base has been reinforced, which complements the high quality steel frame to give this chair a maximum weight capacity of 150 kg. Like the best gaming chairs, the Vertagear Racing series allows for 90-140 degree recline.

The presence of a tilt tension mechanism also means that the chair supports the swing. The height and the armrests are also adjustable. However, the armrests are only adjustable in 2 directions. With an average weight of 231 pounds, this chair may be easy to move around, but the price tag may be too high for gamers on a budget.

  • High density memory foam.
  • Fans under the headrest to keep you cool.
  • Supports tilting and tilting.
  • Price for players on a budget.
  • The backrest cannot tilt more than 140 degrees.
  • Armrest adjustable in 2 directions only.

Ficmax gaming chair

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The Ficmax gaming chair has a design typical of gaming chairs. It has a footrest that folds under the seat as well as a lumbar cushion and headrest.

The backrest can be unfolded up to 180 °, allowing you to lie down completely like on a bed. The armrests have a 2D adjustment. It is available in several colors of which black is the dominant color, as on most chairs of this type.

  • Excellent finish
  • Numerous settings
  • Cushions and footrests
  • Fragile gas spring

How to choose a gaming chair

You’ve probably already noticed that the market for player chairs and armchairs is booming. Dozens of brands share this particularly juicy sector, and it is very difficult to navigate among the hundreds of references available.

Certain criteria can quickly increase the cost of a gaming chair, and it is essential to understand these different points. Also keep in mind that many manufacturers are trying to ride this wave of Racing chairs, and offer models that focus more on their visual aspect rather than their real comfort.

Ergonomics and settings

Ergonomics play a main role in choosing a gaming chair. The idea is to opt for an armchair offering a maximum of adjustments, in order to adjust it to your morphology, and not the other way around.

You could end up spending thousands of hours sitting in your chair, so you might as well make sure it is perfectly suited to your needs.

Size and dimensions

Before you jump on the first gaming chair, it is important to check if the dimensions of it are really adapted to your size. We obviously think of the height of the chair, but also the size of the seat and backrest.

Many chair manufacturers offer different ranges to cover the different needs of players. There are thus models adapted to average sizes, others more compact for adolescents for example or even larger models, for the sturdiest players.

As a general rule, when several sizes of armchairs are available, all the dimensions are specified on the manufacturers’ websites. Remember to check these, which often come with recommendations based on your height and weight.

We also recommend that you check out some presentation videos, in order to get a better idea of ​​the dimensions in use. In our videos, your favorite reviewer is 1m78 tall for around 68kg.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 300

Ergonomic adjustments

One of the peculiarities of gaming chairs lies in their numerous ergonomic adjustments. Unlike a traditional chair, most models allow the seat to be adapted according to individual preferences but also to situations.

Backrest tilt

At a minimum, gaming chairs have a system allowing the backrest to be tilted. On most models, there will thus be a knob to lock the position in different positions, generally between 90 ° and 180 °.

Here, check if several notches are available and not just in vertical or horizontal position. Models that can tilt up to 180 ° are not always the most comfortable and may tend to tip backwards if you put too much weight on them.

Seat tilt

The most advanced models also offer a system to manage the inclination of the backrest. In this configuration, we clearly gain in comfort with a chair that rocks in a much more natural way.

On this point, not all models are created equal. The less efficient models only offer a few degrees of inclination, while the best chairs have a tilting system that is offset towards the front, in order to gain in amplitude.

In addition to the inclination itself, it will be necessary to check the locking options offered by the chair. Some models do not allow you to fix the angle of the seat while others have several notches in order to keep your favorite setting.

Also remember to check the presence of a resistance dial for the seat tilt. It will allow you to choose between a more or less flexible inclination depending on your preferences but above all on your weight.

Best Gaming Chairs Under 300


Gaming chairs also stand out with their somewhat special armrests. Depending on the model, they offer more or less adjustments so that you can best adapt to your position and that of your desk.

We generally speak of 1D, 2D, 3D or 4D armrests. But what is all this really about?

  • 1D armrests: Height adjustable
  • 2D armrests: Adjustable in height and a second direction (in depth, sideways or pivot)
  • 3D armrests: Adjustable in height and two additional directions
  • 4D armrests: Adjustable in height, depth and sideways. Also possibility of rotating a few degrees to better adapt its position to the keyboard.


Choosing the best gaming chairs under 300$, the one that is suitable for everyone is essential since you will be spending most of your time on it. Plus, you won’t regret your investment if you make the right choice, as it’s versatile and can go from your gaming PC to your home office.

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