5 Best Gaming Chairs for Short People

best gaming chair for short person
gaming chairs for short people
gaming chairs for short people

Choosing gaming chairs for short people requires getting the size right. Your gaming setup also means choosing a product on which you must not skimp on quality. Obviously, not all budgets are the same and that is why there are different ranges, but in our comparison of the best gaming chairs for short people, all will be of quality, whatever their price.

Best gaming chairs for short people and kids

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DXRacer Formula Gaming Chair


  • Dimensions (seat width, back height, seat depth): 37 x 84 x 46 cm
  • Weight: 22kg
  • Structure: Steel
  • Cover (s): Imitation leather
  • Supported weight: 100kg maximum
  • Recommended height: 1m80 maximum
  • Adjustments: 3D armrests, backrest tilt up to 135 °

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It’s not uncommon to come across a Twitch stream or YouTube video from someone who has this exact model. The DXRacer Formula F08 gaming chair is a particularly popular model, undoubtedly thanks to its price not yet rising too high and thanks to its various qualities. Unlike some lower-end gaming chairs, we don’t feel like we’re “tight” here, even for a fairly heavy build. Comfort is also present thanks to the 3D armrests and the slightly raised mechanism. Fortunately, the robustness is there and the quality of the imitation leather does its job.

In summary: The DXRacer Formula F08 is a really comfortable gaming chair, but which suffers a little from its armrest adjustments in only 3 dimensions.

Corsair T3 Gaming Chair


  • Dimensions (seat width, back height, seat depth): 52 x 86 x 56 cm
  • Weight: 24kg
  • Structure: Steel
  • Cover (s): Imitation leather
  • Supported weight: 120kg
  • Recommended height: 160 to 200cm
  • Adjustments: 4D armrests, adjustable backrest

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While remaining in prices around 300 €, this Corsair gaming chair is intended to have a very good quality / price ratio. Corsair is no longer a brand to present as they are present in the world of gaming and this chair tends to prove their qualities. At this price, having 4D armrests, a 180 ° swing, lumbar and head cushions, all with a resistance of up to 120kg, that is not necessarily commonplace.

In the high-end segment, the Corsair brand is well known to video game enthusiasts. With the T3 Rush, it offers a breathable fabric cover. This promises greater resistance to the wear and tear of time. Its backrest is reclining and includes padding at the neck and lower back. There are also flat armrests. Easy to assemble, the T3 Rush thus offers a comfortable and durable formula.

  • Breathable fabric cover
  • Integrated neck padding
  • Flat armrests and reclining backrest
  • With neck and lumbar support
  • Quite a budget

SONGMICS Office Chair

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The Songmics Armchair is versatile, as it is suitable for both gaming and office work. Classically shaped, it is padded with high density sponge, both of course on the seat and on the backrest and armrests.

Polyurethane, used for the cover and the wheels, has the advantage of being resistant, while being flexible. This allows the Songmics to adapt to all types of soil. The leather effect gives it character, the backrest extends into the headrest and the armrests are foldable.

The seat is adjustable in height using the lever placed under the seat and the seat has a tilting system. Songmics chair has already been tested by gamer associations and has received rather favorable opinions.

  • Excellent value for money, perfect for corpulent people, aesthetic
  • No tilt of the backrest

Gtracing Gaming Chair

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Before even taking into account the lumbar and neck reinforcements available to this seat, the reviews and customer reviews highlight the quality of the general padding.

This high density foam greatly contributes to the playing comfort then granted to the gamer. The degree of inclination of the backrest and the seat is more than enough to handle 8 hours of play, or more, without tiring.

  • Particularly robust materials
  • 170 ° backrest tilt
  • High density foam for padding
  • A bit long assembly
gaming chairs for short people
Over 50,000 reviews, and one of the best gaming chairs for short people

Gaming chairs for short people, a complete guide to choosing the right one

When choosing a gaming chair, there are obviously criteria to check and if possible to respect. Playing on a chair usually involves long sessions lasting several hours. It will therefore be necessary to spare your back, your neck, your arms and your body which will thank you if you find them the perfect product for you. To help you, we have listed the important points for you when selecting a gaming chair.

Dimension, size and weight

Depending on your size and your build, it is obvious that not all armchairs will be designed for you. If you are 1m60 tall and weigh 45kg, you will swim in the big chairs, and vice versa. Gaming chairs for short people and tall people are easy to find now.

Materials and finish

There are different types of materials used for the manufacture of gaming chairs, especially in terms of the structure / frame and the coating. Each has its qualities and we will classify this together:


Steel: the most commonly used, this is the strongest material possible when choosing your gaming chair.

Plastic: less expensive, plastic is also used much less for the reinforcement, being more fragile than steel.


Fabric: Although sometimes less pretty than imitation leather, fabric has the undeniable advantage of letting the skin breathe and therefore being much more bearable when temperatures rise. The only flaw is that the fabric is obviously sensitive to stains.

Imitation leather (PU leather): This is the most common covering on gaming chairs. Its look and feel obviously depends on its quality, but when it is well thought out, the result can be very beautiful. Insensitive to stains, it nevertheless remains very easily stuck to the skin in summer.

Leather: Although very elegant and durable, leather is too expensive and above all very controversial.

Ergonomics and comfor

In terms of ergonomics, it is important to think about your body and listen to it. If you buy a gaming chair, it is to sit on it for several hours playing games and your body is not designed to do this on something uncomfortable. So make sure that the neck and back cushions are present, at the risk of hurting you in the long term.

Adjustable positions

Depending on your height and your desk, the adjustable positions will be very important. As a general rule, it’s a good idea to have your eyes level with the top of your screen to avoid having to look up. Likewise, it is your eyes that should go down and not your neck. For this, the gaming chairs are equipped with a jack allowing you to go up or down as you wish.

Castor quality

Some may think that the casters are not very important. But think again: Besides being loud when poor quality, casters can ruin an experience. If they get stuck, if they make tracks or if they are not able to roll on a carpet, it can be inconvenient. Likewise, casters are preferred, which do not roll when no one is on the chair, in order to prevent it from moving at the slightest contact.


There are several types of armrests. The interest is obviously to find the position which will be the most comfortable in the game and, the more possibilities there are, the better. The different formats are presented below in order of preference:

4D: The best of the best armrests, they can be adjusted in height, depth, sideways and with a rotation system

3D: Adjustable in height, depth and sideways

2D: Adjustable in height and, depending on the model, in height OR in depth

1D: Only adjustable in height

5 best gaming chairs for short people

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