4 Best Gaming Chairs Canada in 2020

best gaming chairs canada

In this article we described 4 best gaming chairs Canada. Deciding between an update for our devices or a new office chair is an easy decision to make. PC hardware wins all the time. Okay, we understood, the chair does not generally play an important role in the decision-making process. But whose fault is it? This new Nvidia graphics card needs to find its place on your PC. But consider this: a good office chair could last you more than 10 years. Your comfort level is also important in order to have a dream gaming experience.

If you spend a lot of time in front of your screen, it makes sense not to consider the basic models. It’s like a mattress, if you spend a lot of time lying on it, you might as well have a better one. Health conditions are also to be taken into account for any pragmatic player. Even if you are young, your health should not be an afterthought. In the Canada, a recent study has shown that 4 out of 5 workers suffer from back pain.

Sitting on a chair for a long time could also have long-term consequences. We do not need to have the testimony of people who have spent their entire careers working in call centers to have proof. Who would love to be this 40 year old guy with a hunched back who walks around? The role of your chair and your work desk is to help you to have a good position in order to avoid problems of this kind.

It is important to remember that even with an ergonomically designed chair, it is always a good idea to get up and move from time to time between match breaks and game levels. If you can also do exercises aerobics and yoga is even better. Well, we agree that most of us would not do all of these exercises. The important thing to keep in mind is that movement is the best remedy for the pain you can have when you sit in a chair for a long time. In addition to the ergonomic chair, have a habit of taking short breaks. This will be very beneficial for you if you take care of your body and if you maintain a good body position.

It is true that no discussion of products would be complete without talking about the price. By following the right rule of thumb, it is good to make purchases based on your personal play and work habits. It is obvious that the daily use of our readers’ computers is very important. Ranging from occasional use to heavy use, the differences in hours being connected to the Internet are significant.

Some video game players spend all their time in their wheelchairs working and also playing video games. These days, more and more people are making work arrangements with their employees to be able to work from home part time. If you are one of those lucky people who have established one of these new savings in work arrangements, then you will be spending more time in your chair. If so, it would be good to buy a better quality chair.

DXRacer Iron series

Best Gaming Chairs Canada

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DXRacer strikes again with their impeccable quality and superb design. The Iron series offers 60% comfort, 40% customization and 100% quality. The seats are padded with the best PU leather to make them comfortable and soft.

PU leather is stain resistant and dries quickly. Gamers will therefore like this for the ease of cleaning which allows them to easily remove food and drink stains. The backrest can be tilted at the front as well as at the rear with a brake to keep it in your preferred position. The seat has its own tilt control that allows you to swing forward and backward on your DXRacer.

Each removable part of this chair is passed through various quality control tests before being assembled. The base gas spring suspension is imported from Germany and is extremely robust.

You also have armrests completely adjustable in height and swivel, you can remove them if you wish in order to use the chair without any armrest. The design of the Iron bucket seat has a very low profile but remains very comfortable and warm thanks to the generous cushioning of high resilience foam under the PU leather.

Through the lower half of this chair, we can see the metal and aluminum come together as the SGS meets the base of the five casters. The casters are made of double size XL nylon, and the aluminum star base is capable of withstanding more than a ton of pressure, so you can comfortably play on it, knowing that it is virtually indestructible. The maximum load capacity of the chair is 130kg, and it can easily people the weight is between 158cm and 198cm.

AK Racing Nitro Game Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Canada

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The AK Racing Nitro is part of the chairs seem to be designed for much more than normal games. This chair has an independent height recline and backrest controls.

That’s right, the backrest has its own pivot point and it’s loaded with gas so you can push it back to get the perfect angle of rest. Speaking of angles, tilt it 180 °, so much so that your chair becomes like a bed. This chair has neck and lumbar supports, and the height controls are accessible just below the seat.

The entire frame is made of metal, padded with high resistance foam. Then you have polyurethane leather which is very soft and breathable while being very easy to clean. The shape of the seat is designed to contain you so that your back rests comfortably against the backrest. There are two race car-inspired openings on the sides of the headrest for easy ventilation to your neck and head.

The lower part of the chair is as important as the upper part, which is why Akracing has put extra large double nylon casters on the base of the five-spoke base. But the real surprise comes from the four-level gas suspension which is estimated to support a weight of 150kg. Add that to the stainless steel frame, and you will have a chair that will hold even if a 150kg man jumps on it. The warranty is standard 2 years on parts and labor.

Arozzi Enzo Series

Best Gaming Chairs Canada

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Arozzi is one of the best known brands in the gaming chair market and their Enzo chair has a design inspired by the interior of racing cars. It is extremely well padded on all sides, and the armrests are quite comfortable, even for 8-10 hour marathon games. The chair does not have pillows dedicated to the lumbar spine but has a lumbar support integrated into the backrest.

The Azozzi Enzo Series is made with high quality components and withstands long-term durability thanks to its upper gas suspensions which are more reliable and constant compared to the simple air suspensions found in cheaper game chairs.

The gas suspension is adjustable in height and can carry a load of 150kg without showing any sign of fatigue. The most important part of any gaming chair is the backrest, and in this case it is perfectly designed to support your back without leaning forward or backing up.

There is a brake and tilt adjustment control that allows you to adjust the degree of seat tilting, and if necessary lock it to make the chair fixed and straight. The backrest can also recline as far as possible to use it as a lounge chair, but it is not designed for this use and can tip over. On the other hand, the thing that would have been really appreciated the height-adjustable armrest.

For such a well-padded chair you have to think that it must be really heavy and bulky. But the weight of the Arozzi is only 17kg and can be easily stored in every corner of your room, dormitory, coffee house, office – this chair can be used everywhere although it could be a little too flashy for the office.

The base support is made of metal and has double nylon casters underneath. The guarantee of this little rebel and 2 years standard in parts and labor.

The best gaming chairs on the market for large and heavy people

We have also wanted to place here some of the most recommended chairs for especially tall people , close to 2.00 meters and which have a fairly high weight. Although it is true that none of them is recommended for weights over 150 Kg , we think that a low percentage of the population will reach these sums.

In general, they are expensive chairs , with a particularly robust chassis and that allow durability after great efforts and hours of use. In addition, we have taken into account its design, with more extensive seats, with fewer side ears and forceful fillings. Anyway, we wanted to select a couple of them more affordable for all budgets.

Noblechairs ICON Gaming Chair

Best Gaming Chairs Canada

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And we also love the design of the Noblechairs ICON series , which are also available in synthetic and real leather , with prices slightly higher than the EPIC model. But what can most attract her attention is the design, inspired by the buckets that mount luxury cars, with simple lines, restrained ears and ideal aesthetics for offices or gamers.

The functions and ergonomics are very similar to the EPIC , since ultimately what changes is the exterior design. We have the same quality steel and aluminum chassis , high density foam and great ergonomics as we have seen in the specifications above. In this case the recommended weight goes up to 150 kg , which is good news and therefore we put it in this section.

  • Up to 12 variants available
  • With reclining backrest from 90 to 135 o
  • Includes lumbar and cervical cushions
  • Polyurethane coating
  • 60mm nylon wheels
  • Available in premium real leather

The three most important features of the PC gaming chair

PC gaming should be a good experience. A well-made office chair is almost as comfortable as a plush recliner. You can also make sure that it will last you a few years. The goal is to find a manufacturer who incorporates ergonomic designs into their chair. Some manufacturers just use marketing words that make the buzz but do not follow up on the reduction of design costs.

Here are the top three features to consider before purchasing a new office chair.

1. Ergonomics

For gamers, ergonomics are important. The best PC gaming chairs will help improve your posture. They will offer lumbar support, armrests, and a number of controls to make adjustments. This allows you to adapt your chair to your size and body type. To get something that covers all the basics, you’re going to have to shell out a lot of money (at least two hundred dollars). Any other cheaper chair and you will have to compromise. Here are the main adjustment features to look for:

  • Height control. A standard function for almost all office chairs.
  • Control of the height of the armrests. Not as common as you might think. A good idea since fixed height armrests can cause discomfort.
  • Tension control. Allowing you to strengthen or relax the tension level in the backrest. This affects the amount of pressure you need to apply to lean back.
  • Locking the backrest. Sometimes chairs will also allow you to block the backrest in addition to controlling the tension.
  • Sliding seat tray. This allows you to slide the seat of your chair forward or backward in relation to the backrest.

2. Matter

Most office chairs are either leather or mesh. You want a chair that matches your body temperature. The wrong choice could create some level of discomfort for longer games. Some gamers sweat and others enter reptilian coldness. This is why you have to think carefully before making any purchase. The mesh material is breathable. It is really ideal for those of us who are often hot. Leather retains heat well and is ideal for gamers who are easily cold.

3. Style

We will lie by saying that the look is not important. The chair does not have to be an aesthetic masterpiece. However, nobody wants something that looks like it is falling apart when someone sits passionately on it. There is a lot to be said for a sturdy and well-designed chair. Depending on your preferences, something flashy such as a racing car seat can be the perfect piece for your play area. On the other hand, some people like the look of all-black leather which may be more suitable for their workspace.

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