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Best Gaming chairs 2020

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Playing video games is a casual and professional activity and doing so comfortably affects your performance in one way or another. That is why this time we come to present you the Best Gaming chairs 2020. So you can spend hours playing without presenting wear.

Have you noticed that playing video games for several hours causes constant back pain? How is that possible if we are supposed to be sitting comfortably? The answer is that it seems that we are playing comfortably when it is not. Any static vertical position generates back stress.

That is why we set out to review the best gaming chairs 2020. To explain how they work and how they will help you not feel pain or fatigue when playing video games. Remember that in Review Box we care that you are completely sure of your purchase. You need to be super informed, so we begin.

First the most important in best gaming chairs 2020

  • The gamer chair is a seat designed for professional gamers who spend hours in front of a monitor and television playing video games. This chair is characterized by having a high backrest to rest the head and also by having both lumbar support and cervical support. They are a necessary accessory to play comfortably.
  • It is important that you do not confuse the gamer chair with an office chair since they are completely different. The gamer chair in addition to having supported and high back also has 360º turns to avoid any type of accident when playing with a VR for example.
  • The most important factors that you need to consider when buying your gamer chair are the type of lumbar and cervical support included. The height control, the degrees of recline and the colour of your chair. These criteria will help you have a chair that meets your needs and that you are satisfied with your purchase.

The best gaming chair of 2020

Next, we will explain what are the best gaming chairs 2019 based on a ranking. It is important that you know that this information was obtained, both from extensive research of the models, as well as from the ratings and opinions of the users. Do you want to know which one is in our number one? Continue with us.

1) Essentials (ESS-3085)

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In our first place is Essentials, a chair that any gamer will love with his whole being. This model has a design that resembles the seat of a racing car giving it a sporty style. The chair is also ergonomically shaped with padded arms and headrests for comfort.

As for mobility, you will not have to worry because the chair rotates in 360 degrees. This is important because you will not get stuck when making sudden movements during a game. Finally, the chair can support up to 250kg, so no matter how many burgers you have thrown in, it will still support your weight.

2) AudioTek

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The AudioTek chair is a combination of comfort and functionality. The main feature of this chair is that it has lumbar and cervical support. This support comes in the form of two pads that allow the back to rest, even if you are sitting upright for many hours.

This chair also has an adjustable height of 100 mm and can rotate 360 ​​degrees making the games more enjoyable and avoiding possible jams when making sudden movements. It can support up to 110kg and its sturdy base makes this chair an extremely stable item. You will see that after trying it you will not want to change it.

3) Naceb Technology Pilot

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