This article analysis about Are Gaming Chairs Good for your Back. Do you spend a good part of your time sitting at your desk, feeling tired and your back hurts? If you spend several hours a day at your computer, you are likely to have unexplained pain. However, these pains are often explained by what you did during the day, but also by the way you treated your body.

When you sit for hours at a time, your blood vessels dilate, your muscles get cold and dry, and your back sags in the wrong position. Even if it is essential to get up from time to time to stretch, it is not necessarily enough to protect you from the pain and fatigue that goes with it. Why? The fault with your chair, which surely has the faults of all conventional chairs: your feet are not raised, your back is not supported, and you cannot lean on the backrest without being three meters from the screen, because the chair is too small or leans back.

In addition, if the seat of your chair is not comfortable, your back will probably be poorly maintained, and the risk of developing sciatica as you go.

There in lies the interest of gaming chairs, which are not limited to the world of gamers. These are originally called bucket chairs. Bucket chairs are built from the ground up for racing drivers: the circulation of their blood and the protection of their body is the priority when designing the seats.

Their shape is ideal for supporting the body when seated: no pain when getting up, better posture for the legs that are higher, and better blood circulation allow you to stay in better physical shape longer and feel better.

Your elbows are supported by the armrests, which prevents you from leaning too far forward. If you find that you have poor posture on a daily basis when you walk (head tilted forward) it is very possible that this problem comes from your sitting posture when you are at your computer.

Are Gaming Chairs Good for your Back

What causes back pain?

The human body is a remarkable mechanism, capable of achieving a wide variety of physical exploits. However, as honed as this mechanism is, it requires movement.

As everyone knows, prolonged sitting can be dangerous for muscles and joints. And when you play, it’s a safe bet that you don’t think about your back posture.

Between the bones are cartilage discs, which allow you to bend and twist your back in various ways. The entire arch is supported and facilitated by a network of muscles.

Back pain can result from a number of different problems. The simplest is a tension or sprain in one of these muscles, due to vigorous activity or, more likely in gamers, by prolonged time sitting in poor posture.

Which chair to choose for back?

Chair, seat, armchair: what to choose for your desk so that you are well seated and protect your back?

From the physiotherapy point of view, it is a chair that allows you to keep your back straight. Your spine retains its natural curvatures. The lumbar, lower back, are therefore slightly hollowed out (natural lordosis).


A perfect chair? A seller of ergonomic chairs will tell you yes! But a health professional will necessarily be less categorical. Surely you have already read or heard that certain seats are the must. We can cite 4 types of seats frequently known as “good for the back”:

  • The wide ergonomic office chair
  • The “sit on your knees” chair
  • The swapper chairs
  • The saddle chairs

The seat that favors the best back (and neck) position seems to be the “saddle” seat. It looks like a horse saddle, the thighs going down the sides.


A saddle chair with backrest would surely be the trend of Coin Formed. But the answer will surely be different for everyone!

Here are some things to check before buying an armchair, chair or seat. The chair must be compatible with your work environment. Think in particular of the height of the desk, the width of the passages if you have to drive and also think of the sometimes-important aesthetic aspect (depending on your work). Always try a seat for several minutes before buying it.

The most important thing is to feel comfortable and not have any particular pain. For example, saddle chairs will not be suitable for everyone. The chair does not make the monk. Also remember to behave properly.

How to choose your gaming chair?

Materials and materials

Better to take qualitative materials, even if it means paying a little more for your chair. The seat structure must be made of steel or aluminum, to be durable over time. The size of the casters is important. The more they are wide and numerous, the more the stability of the chair is proven. We see a lot of polyurethane (PU) armchairs. Extremely robust, this material is also guaranteed against tearing.

Comfort and morphology

As we have just seen, ergonomics is very important. But it is important that the seat is also comfortable. Make sure the foam (which is the padding) is of good quality. The backrest and seat must provide great comfort, without being too hard or too soft. The choice of such a gaming chair must be made according to your morphology. Manufacturers often indicate in this sense, the weight that the chair can support. It is best to comply with this requirement.

play chair criteria the chair could lose its comfort, at first, but also its robustness. The cylinders may start to squeak. A noise quickly unbearable, when you spend very long moments on a chair. It is important to note that the gaming chairs are made to resemble bucket seats of racing cars. This underpins a well-encompassing seat. If a person buys a chair that is not suitable for their waist, they can quickly get stuck in it. Goodbye comfort! Better to check if the seat is more or less wide. Some brands take user comments into account to re-model their flagship products and make them accessible to everyone.

As for the size of the person who can sit on such or such model, it is sometimes specified, but not always. Then refer to the opinions of users who often ask this question. It is good to specify that certain armchairs, with regard to their design, in particular with the headrest, are to be preferred by people from a certain size. This is to take full advantage of the location where the neck rest or headrest is placed.

Budget and brand

A gaming chair can represent a certain cost. As we have seen, it is quite possible to find models below 100$. But you can also find more than 400$ or more. Always prefer qualitative products, made to last to make your purchase profitable. If you play often and for a long time, this will quickly be the case. Many professions invest in this type of armchair if they have to sit for a long time in front of a screen. The brands recognized in the game world are a must, to be sure of having a suitable product. It will also be possible, no doubt, to have a warranty on your wheelchair, which can be useful in the event of a problem.


One can wonder about the interest represented by the purchase, sometimes expensive, of a gaming chair. Why not take an office chair? These last; if they have managed to evolve well; does not, however, present the comfort and ergonomics found on a gaming chair. Ergonomics is a term that we find a lot in the world of work. This notion is also present in our interiors.

Ergonomics aims to be able to perform a task (here, the game), for a long time, without feeling pain. The ills experienced in gaming can be found in many places. We can cite the lumbar, cervical, shoulder blades (muscle tension). But we can also find pain in the arms and wrists. Gaming chairs are therefore designed to minimize or even eliminate these joint, muscle and bone tensions.

Comfort and settings

Sitting in a chair can be very uncomfortable. We then lose concentration. Difficult when you are immersed in a game. This is why gaming chairs have a very comfortable seat and back, often made of high-quality foam. For a gaming chair to deserve its name, it must have different possible settings.

The backrest angle can be one of them. But you also need to be able to adjust your chair in height. Depending on the model, the armrests are fixed or adjustable in height. By virtue of the quality of the product, they can be adjusted on several different possible axes: up / down, front / back, opening angles.

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