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So, amazon prime day 2020 is upon us. Amazon pushed it back this year and it officially is happening on october 13th and 14th 2020. Here we are sharing five tips on how you can get the best deals on amazon prime day this year.

Prime day has came officially on October 13th and 14th and the question for you is what are you shopping for on amazon prime day probably looking for Amazon prime day chairs.

The first tip to avail the prime day deals is goto sign up for amazon prime. if you want to take advantage of amazon prime day. You have to be an amazon prime member.

There’s so many benefits and so here’s the cool thing you can just get a 30-day trial. With prime you get delivery benefits like two-day, one-day, same-day delivery, grocery benefits.

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Amazon prime day chairs deals

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Prime day benefits

There’s so many benefits and so here’s the cool thing you can just get a 30-day trial. With prime you get delivery benefits like two-day, one-day, same-day delivery, grocery benefits. You get prime video we use that a lot right for different streaming shows and things like that.

You get amazon music we don’t really use that too much but do you get things like amazon photos. Did you know you have unlimited photo storage with amazon prime? it’s true and so so many things that you may not even know about it.

So, sign up for amazon prime that might be a given but in order to take care of amazon prime day. You have to be a prime member also you can cancel if you want . The next tip number two is to calculate how much you are actually saving and for examples with some deals that are already out at the time. The 13th or the 14th the deal’s already happening so if you click the top link that will take you to the amazon prime day chairs deals page where you can see all the deals that are happening. And you can see deals start at midnight. So below are the best amazon prime day chairs you need to grab it.

Massage Gaming Chair 

Massage gaming chair from amazon prime day chairs. So it has thick backs all over the chair. Got some cool designs though it’s. a gaming chair so it looks different than just a you know normal office chair. That you might buy for real cheap so in amazon prime day chairs. If we review of this chair and you know letting you know if it’s worth it to buy. A gaming chair so let’s go ahead and get right into it this chair came from Amazon from a company called thick Maxx. And as you know most products on Amazon kind of you know vary in price depending on the day and the time

And whatever but this chair usually ranged from about $180 to $200 so it’s kind of a mid-range gaming chair not too cheap but not too expensive as well.

So the features of the chair what you might like to buy the chair might not like about the chair and you know whether you should buy it or not so. First of all let’s just start with what, why she buy a gaming chair and so just. In general gaming chairs are usually more firmer or nominal. There’s a lot of bolstering on the bottom and the top It kind of fits you.

I wouldn’t say it’s snug but it holds you in you’re not gonna your back so the back and it kind of holds you in for those those long gaming sessions. There’s kind of support in all places where you would sit out. So the basic advantage of a gaming chair and also just to kind of look cool and the design just looks cool. it looks cooler than a normal office. chair and Figg back specifically they have. It is available in four or five different colored chairs for example red and black and some other cool colors. The black one it kind of blends into the office so if you do want to use it.

As off a chair it works for that as well. Let’s first you know just it does take a few tools but it actually comes with the. tools you need so it comes with a hex wrench or an Allen wrench. Basically little screw driver to do everything we need. It takes probably 15-20 minutes to set it up not too difficult. Basically just screwing in the back and putting the bottom on the on the wheels. So not too difficult comes with instructions. It also comes with a little piece mark it’s it’s an extra piece you’re not gonna need it unless something breaks but it’s nice to have. Just in case it does break.

Warranty & Features

This amazon prime day chairs comes with a year warranty and some other stuff. Here we can find little rumble pack so rumble pack sticks in the back of this this little back pillar actually. A zipper on the back and you unzip it and just stick this little pouch in and the wire comes out. The side pretty discreetly on the back and you just plug this into a USB. You’ve got a rumble function in your back which is kind of like a little massager was pretty cool obviously.

Massage Function

Not like a full-on massage chair but it’s kind of nice to have a little bit of vibration in the lower back sometimes. This rolls you just like pretty much every chair it spins just like every other office chair you ever seen. So, those are two basic features here’s where it starts getting different. So, on the bottom the two metal poles and then this little black rectangular thing so you pull this out and swing it up. It’s actually a leg wrist so it’s kind of like instead of having an ottoman sitting where you rest your leg or feet on you.

Have your own retractable leg wrist for that purpose which is actually really nice so we can call it more of a leg rest and a foot rest because it’s not long enough to put your feet on. But you know it holds up your legs which is usually good enough support. But if you do want to rest your feet on it you can kind of go crisscross applesauce kind of style.

Either way it provides a nice support for your legs unlike another office chair would do so. Stick that back in and a couple of levers so you pull it up and your chairs gonna rise up but if you were to sit in it and pull it you would slide down just like pretty much any office chair in the world. And then the other function of this thing if you push it in and out so you push it in it’ll lock the chair so your chair can’t rock back and when you pull it out your chair can rock back. So it would rock back and forth kind of like a rocking chair so that’s kind of a functionality. You can use this while playing games just to have a little bit of movement rather than sitting still as its is personal preference.

The Next lever on right basically it adjusts the angle of the back so pull it all the way forward, if you pull it and lean back on the chair it’s a lot easier to do this when you’re actually sitting in a chair. It’s super easy to do with your back but it goes it actually goes to 180 degrees. So this back can go all the way to 180 degrees and basically fly it like a bed. Actually it’s funny this is kind of like trying to sleep in it and it actually doesn’t. work pretty good but yeah you got a lot of flexibility where you want your back to be you’re probably not gonna want to be.

This far back all the time unless you get a TV that’s really high but yeah so let’s get a little bit further up on the chair so the base of the chair where your butt goes is super wide. So, basically it caters to like any size person whether you like to have your leg straight or spread them out, it provides a pretty big area as even guys bolster on the side so your legs don’t like slide off or anything. and then next up you got your standard armrest.

Back Pillow

Now one thing is back pillow as literally all we would call it as a back pillow it kind of gives you some lumbar support. it’s not it’s not as hard as you would usually expect lumbar support to be but it’s because it’s just basically a pillow. So, it’s kind of soft and as I showed earlier you can put a little rumble pack in there have a little bit of massage. Or if you don’t want so you can just sit on it and as you can see it kind of slides up and down so it’ll fit your back. The back it’s got straps to basically strap in and you can you know Stratton basically slide the straps up. and down to adjust your pillow.

As we get further up the chair we get our second pillow so there is a neck pillow and it actually kind of like a gimmick but it actually fits really nice on the neck and also it’s pretty elastic. It can move it up and down depending on how tall or short you are so that’s it’s pretty customizable. At the very top we got some more bolstering which helps hold your shoulders. These two portions your head kind of rests on this if. you’re used to a normal guy office chair. it’s usually just like a flat back and all you’d have is this portion.


Actually a really comfortable chair just to kind of sit in. The material it’s kind of like leather full-on weather. Maybe kind of a fake kind of leather but it feels nice and it’s nice and squishy. But not too squishy and the pillows for some lumbar support and the neck pillow kind of just a little bit of comfort. It feels pretty comfortable there is not much negative to say about this amazon prime day chairs.

The armrests extended a little bit farther but we expect that from a gaming chair in this price range it’s last but not least. it pretty easy and then pulled out so you can rock back and forth which is extremely good feature about chair. For six foot tall 177 pounds can easily move legs in out. You’re. gonna fit in this chair. The gaming chair let you guys decide for yourself but honestly we think amazon prime day chairs is pretty worth.

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