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If you want to find the right gaming chair at the best price at AKRacing, know that the brand offers at a very good price a gaming chair that will meet most of your requirements. Today, we have chosen to devote a full article about a well-known gaming chair model: AKRacing Nitro Gaming chair. Among all models of gaming armchairs of the brand, this chair has the advantage of a very good value for money. Without further ado, let’s zoom in on the peculiarity and characteristics of this game chair.

Why choose AKRacing nitro gaming chair?

The choice of an AkRacing armchair is the choice of quality. However be prepared to spend at least 250$ to pay for a model of the brand. But it gives you a high-quality product, made to last. Indeed, all their products are equipped with a metal frame and foot which makes their products particularly durable. Especially when compared with low-end gaming seats. AkRacing is also the attention to detail, everything is very well thought out on their models. The mechanisms slide perfectly, the cushions do not sag, in short choosing AkRacing is turning to the high end.

Presentation of the AKRacing Nitro at the level of ergonomics and design

Obviously, the chair does not reserve much surprise. The AKRacing retains its standing with a sublime and charming design. The design is sturdy and the chair sports a decent design. With its metal frame, the chair displays a perfect fit in time. The strength is reinforced by its metal foot which also ensures a good stability. The gamer chair can support a weight of up to 150 kg.

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Its cushions are very comfortable and will not collapse after some time of use as often found in most entry-level models. The imitation leather upholstered chair also has a good finish and does not cause discomfort even in summer. It comes with two supports: one lumbar and the other serves as support to support the neck. The chair is also fully adjustable and we are absolutely sure that all players of size and average size will find their account.

The Three good reasons to opt for the AKRacing Nitro Gaming Chair

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AKRacing nitro gaming chair is certainly not the model of the most successful gamer wheelchair that the brand has designed. But we can say that having it in your possession can be beneficial to you in three ways:

First of all, in terms of adjustment possibilities, we notice that the brand hit hard by having designed a totally adjustable chair at the armrests. Indeed, it is possible to adjust the armrests of the AKRacing Nitro at all levels. Both vertically and horizontally, you can perfectly adjust them. It is the same for the spacing. The height of the chair is also quite adjustable as its inclination even if for the latter the maximum angle is limited to 130 °.

The second strong point

The second strong point of the AKRacing Nitro gamer chair lies in its robustness. It also has the advantage over the quality of the materials that compose it. The frame of the chair is made entirely of metal just like a good part of his foot. As for the wheels, they are made of plastic, but are reinforced to guarantee more robustness. The imitation leather covering is a guarantee of solidity and the good quality seam offers the guarantee of a good durability.

The last point AKRacing nitro gaming chair

The last point on which we have focused to attest to the quality of the chair lies in the level of comfort. The padding of chair is designed with quality material. It allows both a comfortable and comfortable sitting. Although the upholstery is imitation leather, the design of the chair was well thought out. The latter remains comfortable even in summer. The two cushions delivered with the chair bring you a real must either to relieve the back or to reduce fatigue in the neck.

Our own opinion on the AKRacing Nitro gaming chair test

Although the chair is offered at a very competitive price on the market which may leave some gamers perplexed. The chair AKRacing nitro gaming chair meets the essential conditions that meet your criteria. In our opinion, if your size is between 1.65 m and 1.85 m, and you do not weigh more than 150 kg. The AKRacing Nitro is the gaming chair that you must have if you do not want to ruin yourself.

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Here we are at the end of this comparative article of AKRacing nitro gaming chair, do not hesitate to ask your questions in the comments. If you have any, I will answer them with pleasure.

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